Saturday, 29 June 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Question #8

Why don’t I wear Lolita more often?

The answer to this is actually really simply: I just don’t have enough hours in a week to wear Lolita more often.

I work in a bank with a relatively strict dress code, and I work about 10-12 hours a day – and that doesn’t include any dinner meetings I may have to attend. Usually, by the time I get home after facing an hour of traffic, there’s only just enough time for me to have a quick dinner, shower, surf the net a bit then head for bed.

On weekends – okay, for that I have no excuse haha. Saturdays are usually days reserved for running errands, and Sundays are family days. I don’t dress up often because Lolita is often not practical for where I have to go.

Besides, I actually like full-on Lolita as a “special events” only type of fashion, like meet-ups, conventions and just generally going out with friends, rather than something I wander around the house in ^^;

However, that said, I do wear my lolita dresses in lolita-inspired outfits very often!

Here are some pieces that I do wear to office pretty often:

Mannequin Snap: Office Classic Lolita?

Mannequin Snap: Lady Sloth's Mist of Venice

Of course, I don't wear them quite as frilled up as they are in these photos :)

And then there are my casual weekend outfits that are also lolita-inspired:

Loli-Inspired Coord: Brown & Coral

Otome Style: Attempt 1

Hmmm I guess I actually do get my dose of lolita on a regular basis!

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