Thursday, 16 September 2010

Coordinate: Antique Rosy JSK in Brown Autumn Outfit

I was a little bored one evening, and feeling incredibly inspired to create loli outfits for this Autumn after discussing with my sister about this Autumn's "in-trend" look.

This is one of my favourite outfits that I've come up with so far! I don't really get to see brown much in lolita, and I think that pairing brown with antique white/cream, peach and dark red makes it look less old and more elegant. It certainly makes for a more mature lolita outfit! ^_^

Coordinate: Antique Rosy JSK in Brown Autumn Look

Outfit Breakdown:
JSK: Antique Rosy by R-Series
Blouse: Random office blouse from my closet.
Tights: iSocks
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag: From my friend, but I know it's from TaoBao somewhere.
Rings and Necklace: Accessorize and TopShop
Parasol: Jusco
Hairband: Aldo
Accessories: Surface Spell

The main focus of this outfit is, of course, my Antique Rosy JSK by R-Series. It's actually made of a summerweight fabric, but since it's so hot in Malaysia, I don't mind that at all! To highlight the darker colours in the JSK and also to give the outfit a more Autumn-y look, I paired it with a brown blouse from my office clothes wardrobe.

I only recently managed to acquire the brown tights and Bodyline shoes as well, so those definitely were included in the outfit. I rather like that the tights are patterned - it somehow manages to make the outfit more "textured" and less one-colour sort of boring.

I rather think that the shoes I chose are a little light for this outfit, so maybe I'll dig out an old pair of dark brown loli-able shoes from last year and try it with this outfit. And while I'm at it, I might also bring out my dark brown cape to see how well it'll match loli outfit hurhurhur.

A friend of mine gave me this bag after I kept wheedling her about how much I liked it (sorry, JL!! ^^;;;)and it looks really great with this outfit. I added a cream rose to it for a bit of contrast in that area. The parasol is one that I'd bought during a sale that I thought would be pretty cute with my brown outfits.

For my jewellery, I preferred a more antique-looking sort of gold with the outfit to keep with the Autumn theme, so I added a necklace with a horse pendant on it. For some lighter colour, I also used a couple of ivory-coloured rose rings.

The hairband I chose is actually one that I spotted in a shop when my mum and sis were shoe-shopping. It looked like it would be perfect for a more casual loli outfit, so I bought it in three colours ^^; It seems a little flat for this outfit, though, so I added on a brown rose and a maroon rose just for colour once again.

How do you like this coordinate?

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Change in Name

Just a notice that I've changed my blog's name :)

It was previously ~the solitary lolita~ because I was the only lolita in my usual social circles, but I've now met some lolita friends, so I'm not so lonely anymore ^^;

My new name, ~The Voice & The Flower~ is inspired by a Japanese shop name, "Koe to Iro", which means Voice and Colour. Something about it struck me as very pretty, and by changing the "colour" to "flower", it reminded me very much of fairytales, such as Sleeping Beauty and Little Mermaid.