Saturday, 22 December 2012

Outfit Snap: Comic Fiesta 2012 - Non-Lolita Coordinate & New Wig!

Went to Comic Fiesta 2012! Was only in the hall for like 30mins hahaha. Too crowded, too hot, too noisy! ^^;;; Now I remember the reason why I usually go on the 2nd day instead of the first!

But I still got dressed up anyway haha. Here's a photo!

Comic Fiesta 2012 - My Outfit

I'm very happy with this outfit - it has four of my lolita dream items (dress, bolero, bag, shoes) in it, and it still makes a pretty great casual piece! The bolero, bag and shoes are piecs that my classic wardrobe never felt somewhat complete without, and the dress is very special to me as it is the dress that pulled me back into the lolita world and encouraged me to start buying dresses after admiring the fashion from afar after 8 years.

The wig is also a new purchase that I'm very excited about! I used to have short hair like this when I was in high school, and though I've been wanting to sport a short hairstyle for a while now, I'm still rather reluctant to actually cut my nice waist-length hair. The best solution? Wigs!

Of course, I first had to hunt down a wig in a style that I actually like. Just so happens that this one Gabalnara wig matched what I wanted, so I bought my first "branded" wig.

As someone who usually buys wigs from random TaoBao cosplay shops and other wig stores around town, let me tell you that there's a reason why these "branded" wigs are so much more expensive.

For one thing, though many people claim very thick wigs are the best, I find that I generally prefer a more natural thickness that ends up looking pretty full over your own hair, yet not unnaturally bushy like some thick wigs can look. Also, the fibers are much softer and silkier, and very easy to style and comb.

But the best part is just how comfortable the wig is! In fact, it was so comfortable after I put it on that I completely forgot to secure the wig with additional hairpins! And guess what - the wig actually stayed on my head on its own for 10hours, without needing any adjustments at all the whole time! Even better was that I didn't get any headaches from the wig, which some TaoBao brand wigs tend to do.

I think I'm never going back to wearing those TaoBao wigs again... Time for another round of closet cleaning ^^;; I think I need more of these Gabalnara wigs haha! Maybe I can finally get a decent blond one there?

Goodnight, peeps!

Bolero: Innocent World's Millefeuille Bolero, Bordeaux
Dress: Innocent World's Margrette JSK, Brown, Long
Bag: R-Series
Shoes: LK Bennett
Necklace: Juliette et Justine
Earrings, Ring: Top Shop
Wig: Gabalnara
Socks, Hair Barette: Offbrand