Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lucky Pack: Metamorphose Autumn 2011

It's been a while, but I'm finally posting about my Metamorphose Autumn 2011 lucky packs!

I had originally ordered one, but I accidentally ticked the "Pre-Order" option when checking out, so I had to re-submit my order. At that point, I was of the mind that the LPs were pretty cheap for brand, so when I resubmitted my order, I bought two :D

And boy, am I glad I did! Between the two LPs, I managed to get the entire Citron Soda OP set!!! I have the OP, mini hat and bag in mint, and the socks in white! *woohoo!* I was so ecstatic hahaha ^__^

Pictures of my LPs' contents:

1) First off is, of course, the obligatory Meta tote bag for LPs. I find it a little odd that I got only one bag despite ordering two LPs, but *shrugs* I think I read that some others didn't receive a bag as well. This bag gets alot of use because I can just dump all my junk into it! :)
Metamorphose 2011 Autumn Lucky Pack

2) Again, the almost obligatory Meta bloomers. Similar to the tote bag, I only got one pair, and some others didn't get a pair of bloomers in their LPs. Price Tag: JPY3,990
Metamorphose 2011 Autumn Lucky Pack

3) Socks! One pair from each LP. Citron Soda Overknee socks in Off White (Price Tag: JPY2,310) & Pop Swinger High Socks in Mint (Price Tag: JPY2,205)
Metamorphose 2011 Autumn Lucky Pack

4) Crown Label Scallop Ribbon Pouchette in Saxon Blue & Off White. LOVE this bag! I really like round bags, and with my newfound love for blue items in lolita, this really suits my tastes! I use it out of lolita too :) Price Tag: JPY8,190
Metamorphose 2011 Autumn Lucky Pack

5) Ribbon Cutsew in Saxon Blue. Really really cute! And it fits pretty well, too! Price Tag: JPY10,500
Metamorphose 2011 Autumn Lucky Pack

6) Ribbon Cutsew Cardigan in Mint. SO SUPER ADORABLE!! Price Tag: JPY8,400
Metamorphose 2011 Autumn Lucky Pack

7) Citron Soda Onepiece in Mint. I was ecstatic, because I really love mint but I didn't have any mint pieces in my loli wardrobe before this. Also, this was my first brand print ever! :) Price Tag: JPY26,040
Metamorphose 2011 Autumn Lucky Pack

8) Citron Soda Mini Hat in Mint. Mini hats aren't my thing really, but I'm keeping this just because it matches the OP. Price Tag: JPY7,980
Metamorphose 2011 Autumn Lucky Pack

9) Citron Soda Bag in Mint. Another favourite! I really like that the trimmings are in proper leather, not plastic :) Price Tag: JPY12,390
Metamorphose 2011 Autumn Lucky Pack

10) White Raschel Lace OP. I'm not entirely sure if I'm happy with it, since it looks kinda grey under yellow lighting, but it can be coordinated in many different ways! Includes a pair of matching hairclips. Price Tag: JPY22,890
Metamorphose 2011 Autumn Lucky Pack

Overall, I'm incredibly happy with these LPs! I'm actually able to use everything, with the possible exception of the Mini Hat :) Woohoo!!

Next up would be my Metamorphose Winter 2011/12 LPs - I got two of them again ^^;;;;

Friday, 27 January 2012

Closet Count! Skirts - Plain White/Cream

I don't have that many plain skirts, and the few that I do have are meant more as underskirts anyway!

Here are the ones that I have in white and cream:

1) Dear Celine White Skirt - 50cm version
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Cream-Yellow - Dear Celine White Skirt - 50cm version

Like all my other Dear Celine plain skirts, this one is far too short for me to use as an underskirt, but it does make for a wonderful petticoat :)

2) Dear Celine Cream Skirt - 50cm version
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Cream-Yellow - Dear Celine Cream Skirt - 50cm version

Hmmm, same story as the white skirt XD;;

3) Dear Celine Cream Skirt - 60cm version
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Cream-Yellow - Dear Celine Cream Skirt - 60cm version

This one is the proper underskirt at the proper length! :)

Aaaaand... I think that's all for skirts! I'm conciously trying to stop myself from buying skirts now, so the only additions I'm allowing are those that come in LPs :)

Speaking of which, I have a new plain black skirt to add to my earlier Closet Count post from my IW Winter LP... XD


Monday, 23 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012!


Just wanted to wish all my readers, especially those who are also celebrating this holiday:

May this Year of the Dragon bring you much health, wealth and happiness!

I had honestly meant to do a eCard for Christmas and New Year's, but time got away from me in the end ^^;;;

Happy Holidays to those of you who are lucky enough to get public holidays :)

Monday, 9 January 2012

Feedback Page!

I thought I'd create a feedback page for the sales and purchases I make through Facebook :)

By the way, I'm omiai on LiveJournal ^_^

Current Tally:
Positive: 0
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Just wanting to wish all of you a Happy New Year 2012!

My lolita resolutions for this year:
1) Wear lolita more often, even if it's just casual lolita out to meet friends. Or, at the very least, have more dress-up sessions in my room.
2) Go bargain hunting more often during sales to find offbrand loli-able items. Isetan has some really nice stuff! I got some cutsews for RM30 last year just by wandering around during sales.
3) Expand my brand side of my wardrobe. I'm perfectly fine with expanding through Lucky Packs!
4) Following on no.3, I'm determined not to miss Innocent World's Oddments LP this year! Even if I have to scrimp and save for it, I will buy it!
5) To lose enough weight that my bust can more comfortably fit brand JSKs. As it is, they fit pretty well but I'd prefer them to be a little looser.
6) I must book myself a nice weekend trip to Japan sometime this year, and spend the weekend hunting down various Closet Child outlets and other lolita shops!

What are your lolita resolutions? :)