Thursday, 29 December 2011

Closet Count! Skirts - Patterned Beige/Cream/Yellow

Hmmm turns out I have enough skirts in the beige/cream/yellow range that I have to split this colour post ^^;;

1) Bodyline Stripes Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Brown - Bodyline Stripes Skirt

I honestly really hate the polkadot bow and waist ties that came with this skirt, but the bow is very conveniently hiding a hole in the skirt, so until I can find the time to crochet a few dark brown doilies to sew onto this skirt, I'm leaving it on.

2) Bodyline Beige Floral Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Cream-Yellow - Bodyline Floral Beige Skirt

I love this skirt!!! I'd buy it in all colourways if I could :D

3) Bodyline Beige Floral High Waist Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Cream-Yellow - Bodyline Floral High Waisted Skirt

This is actually the brown colourway of this skirt, but I never did figure out why it's called "brown" when the main colour is beige...

This is one gorgeous skirt! I love wearing this for non-loli outfits too :D I have a love/hate relationship with the bow at the top, and I can't decide at all on whether I ought to snip it off or not :/

4) Bodyline Yellow Strawberry Gingham High Waist Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Cream-Yellow - Bodyline Yellow Strawberry Gingham

I actually really like the blue colourway of this skirt as well. I have the JSK in pink, but I think the JSK doesn't suit me at all. The skirt is really cute though!

5) Bodyline Chocoberry skirt in beige
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Cream-Yellow - Bodyline Chocoberry

This is another skirt where I couldn't decide on the colourway! It was a toss up between beige and green, but I figured I have enough sweet prints in green :P Also, the polka dots look really cute on beige!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Closet Count! Skirts - Blue

This one is going to be a long one! I started out with only three blue skirts, but with the November shipping promotion, I ended up buying another three blue skirts ^^;;

Here we go!

1) In The Starlight Blue Roses Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Blue - In The Starlight Electric Blue Roses

When I first saw this on ITS, I just HAD to have it - gorgeous shade of blue so reminiscent of Moitie! And with such a pretty print of roses too :D

I've worn this out once before and got loads of compliments on it.

As with my pink ITS skirts, this is now too large for me, so I'll have to send it for alteration.

2) Bodyline Blue Strawberries High Waist Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Blue - Bodyline Strawberry Print

To be honest, I only got this skirt because I was looking for something to buy and didn't like the rest of the colourways of this skirt! I'm pretty glad I chose this colourway because it looks pretty sweet :)

3) Bodyline Love Nadia
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Blue - Bodyline Love Nadia

I can't remember exactly why I chose this colourway over the green one, but if I remember correctly, I think I was worried about finding green accessories. The blue version is still cute though! :D Never worn this in a full coord before, but I'll probably do another cream/beige & brown coord with this.

4) Bodyline Floral High Waist Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Blue - Bodyline Floral HWS

I loved the brown colourway of this skirt so much that I decided to buy the blue one as well. I'm so glad I did! This colourway looks so elegant :)

5) Bodyline Love Jewelry
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Blue - Bodyline Love Jewelry

I've been in love with this print since forever!! I couldn't decide between this colourway and the black colourway, but since I have so many black skirts, I thought I'd get the blue instead :D

6) Bodyline Magical Cosmetics
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Blue - Bodyline Magical Cosmetics

This is probably one of my favourite Bodyline skirts ever!! It's very reminiscent of many brand prints, but it's really pretty :) I'm thinking of getting the red colourway as well....

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy Christmas!

Just to wish all my readers a very Happy Christmas!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Closet Count! Skirts - Greens

I've always liked green - it was my favourite colour as a kid, and is still one of my favourite colours as an adult.

Many floral skirts incorporate green (via the leaves) but I've wanted all-green skirts for quite a while now. So when my lolita tastes started moving back towards green, the first thing I did was order a few of Bodyline's sweet prints in green!

These are the only three green skirts I have at the moment, but I'm hoping to expand this more in future.

1) Bodyline Stripe Balloon Bear
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Green - Bodyline Stripe Balloon Bear

I didn't fall in love with this skirt the moment I saw it. In fact, I actually really hated the OP! It wasn't till I saw a really detailed review about this skirt that I saw all the really amazingly cute details that made me fall in love. :D

2) Bodyline Military Desserts Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Green - Bodyline Military Desserts

I love military-style skirts, especially in black, but the black colourway looked too busy. I love this in green though~

3) Bodyline Sugar Waffle Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Green - Bodyline Sugar Waffle

Like the Stripe Balloon Bear skirt, I hated this on first sight, but after seeing someone in this skirt, I fell in love with it! I guess my main issue was that the black colourway looked too busy to me. Doesn't help that I've been craving for sugar waffles too! :P

I think the proper name for this print is Maple Sugar Waffles, but I like the sound of Sugar Waffles better ^^;

Monday, 19 December 2011

Closet Count! Skirts - Patterned Blacks

Whew, I have more black skirts than I originally thought! Actually, I'm still looking to buy a plain black high-waisted skirt, but the only one I like from Bodyline is already sold out in both M and 2L (I can fit both, but 2L will be a little loose) so I'll just have to hunt down something else.

I'll start off with my favourite!

1) In The Starlight Lace-Patterned Black & Ivory Skirt.
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Black - In the Starlight Lace Print

I absolutely LOVE this skirt! The lace print is so pretty!! The skirt is also simple enough that I can wear it as everyday wear and won't get double takes. It's now too loose for me though, so I have to go get it altered soon.

2) In The Starlight Gray Roses Print Black Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Black - In the Starlight Rose Print

I love this skirt for the roses print :D I have another skirt in the same fabric, but in blue and in an A-line cut! This skirt is also great for wearing out with "normal" clothes. I once wore it with a mandarin collar top for Chinese New Year and got many compliments.

3) Bodyline Floral Cameo Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Black - Bodyline Floral Cameo Skirt

I saw this in a store once before I bought this skirt and realised the material wasn't too bad a quality. I really like the pink and blue versions as well, but they felt a little sweet for me at the time. At any rate, I'm pretty glad I bought the black version because it looks quite classic :D It actually came with more black ribbons on the skirt, but I found them a little busy-looking, so I snipped them off.

4) Bodyline Floral High-Waist Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Black - Bodyline Floral High Waist Skirt

LOVE this skirt SO MUCH! I'd been looking for this 2nd hand for so long, and when it started being sold again on their website - I was ecstatic! My only worry is that my waist is now borderlining the minimum for this size - how do I alter it if it becomes too big for me?

5) Offbrand Black x White Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Black - iSocks Skirt

This is the first ever lolita skirt I ever bought! It was waaaay back before I understood many of the rules of lolita ^^;;;; The construction and material quality is not bad (actually pretty good for an offbrand skirt!), but it was definitely over priced - and so short!! When wearing it on my hips, it still comes up above my knees... :/ It wasn't so short on the shopkeeper, but then again I'm about more than a foot taller than she is...

And.... Yup, that's it for all my patterned black skirts! Next up should be my blue skirts :D

Comic Fiesta 2011 - My Lolita Outfit!

I decided to go to Day 2 of Comic Fiesta 2011 to support the Lolita Fashion Runway! I'm not comfortable with going on stage for any reason, so I didn't enter the show, but I still wore loli to show my support!

It was really nice seeing all the other girls again :) Gosh, I think the last time I saw them was at last year's CF!

This year was a predominantly sweet crowd. I think there were only two of us that I could safely identify as classic, with another two or three somewhere in between sweet and classic.

I'm pretty proud of my outfit today! It was a last-minute thing, and ended up looking pretty good for something I was scrambling to put together at 1am the night before.

Comic Fiesta 2011 - My Outfit!

Also - that's a new wig I'm wearing! It looks a little off in this photo, but it looks really great :D It's half-tied at the back, and I clipped two dusty pink Surface Spell roses onto the tied-up part.

I was originally carrying a different brown bag, but the handles started flaking off :/ I'll have to see how I can repair that because I really love that bag! The bag in the picture was originally a carrier bag for some things I promised a few friends.

Uh, don't mind the edited and blurry picture! It was a rushed picture taken in my hair salon (had a wedding dinner to attend the same night). Also, don't mind the tired derpface - it was tiring facing the crowds, and I was very tired from the Christmas party the night before and getting up at 5.30am that morning to help with church stuff.

Outfit breakdown:
JSK: Bodyline
Blouse: Innocent World
Petticoat: In The Starlight
Tights: Aldo (I think)
Shoes: Secret Shop
Original Bag: Midofi - replica of IW violin bag in brown
Bag in picture: Aldo, with a dusty pink LV scarf tied onto it
Headbow: Aldo
Earrings & necklace: I think it's from somewhere in San Francisco, but it could also be something my jeweller made for me.
Wig: Somewhere on TaoBao

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Closet Count! Skirts - Solid Blacks

I actually do have alot of black skirts, so I thought I'd divide them up into solid blacks and patterned blacks.

1) Rose Melody Rosa Crucifix in Black Embroidery on Black
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Black - Rose Melody's Rosa Crucifix Skirt

I really like this skirt alot, and the embroidery is gorgeous! It's a little too short for my comfort, but if I wear black tights, it looks okay :) Too bad it's made of a material way too warm for Malaysian weather!

2) Innocent World Ribbon Pintuck Skirt in Black
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Black - Innocent World Ribbon Pintuck Skirt

This skirt came as part of my very first Lucky Pack, and I was so excited about it! I'd been meaning to get a plain black skirt from IW for a long time, so this was just perfect :D When it first arrived, this skirt was really tight, but now it's become a very comfy fit.

3) In The Starlight Black Underskirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Black - In the Starlight Black Underskirt

A good, solid black underskirt for my collection, with a really pretty bustle back for overskirts :D I've been meaning to get the white version as well, but I kept putting it off and now they've closed down again.... ^^;;

Next up will be the patterned blacks!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Closet Count! Skirts - Red

I was supposed to be posting about my blue skirts, but I haven't taken pics of a couple of the new ones that just came in on Wednesday, so I thought I'd post about my red skirts first!

Onto the stuff:

1) Bodyline Red Gingham Desserts High Waist Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Red - Bodyline Red Gingham Desserts

I hate this skirt. I don't know, there's just something about it that I really hate... I hated it on the model, I hated stock pictures, I hated review pictures, I hated worn pictures... I'm not sure why I even bought this skirt ^^;; It's in my "got to sell" pile but I thought I'd feature it anyway - it's still a loli skirt in my closet!

2) Bodyline Red-on-White Floral High Waist Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Red - Bodyline Floral High Waist Skirt

Ahhhh now here's a skirt I love!! I kind of wish I got the JSK as well, but I'm just as happy with the skirt :) I'm almost tempted to call it my Christmas skirt, really - it looks quite festive to me!

3) Dear Celine Basic Red Skirt - 50cm Version
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Red - Dear Celine Red Skirt - 50cm Version

(Sorry for the bad quality of the pic!!!)
There's a bit of a funny story behind this skirt. I originally ordered it so it could become a staple in my closet for easy outfits, and could also become an underskirt if the situation calls for it. Unfortunately, I underestimated the difference between my waist and my knees - and ordered it 50cm too short!

I ended up buying it a second time in the proper length, but I still keep this one. It makes for an excellent underskirt or emergency petticoat when I need extra poof :)

4) Dear Celine Basic Red Skirt - 60cm Version
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Red - Dear Celine Red Skirt - 60cm Version

Here's the proper length I needed! :) As mentioned, it serves as a good plain skirt or an underskirt where the situation calls for it.

That's all for my red skirts! I really ought to take pics of those other skirts I just received... XD

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Closet Count! Skirts - Pink

I recently decided to do a complete closet count of all my loli clothes, and started off with the skirts.

Now, I have alot of lolita skirts - more so than I originally thought I did! And since I kind of want them to stretch out the number of posts I can do (ahahaha XD;;;) I'm posting them colour by colour rather than all in one big post.

Today's post is about my pink skirts!

1) Bodyline Pink Bunny Gingham skirt.

Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Pink - Bodyline Bunny GIngham

I... have absolutely no idea when or why I bought this skirt XD;;; I think I intended to sell this skirt a few months ago when I went off sweet for a while, but looking at it now... It's really cute ^^;;;;

2) In The Starlight Pink Roses Skirt

Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Pink - In The Starlight Pink Roses

When I ordered this skirt, I accidentally put my waist measurement half an inch too large. Now it's really hanging off my waist, because my current waist measurements are about 2" smaller than when I first ordered the skirt :/

I'll definitely be sending this for alterations once I get to my ideal waist size, because this skirt is too cute! Pink, A-line AND roses? This screams me all over it!

3) In The Starlight Pink Pearls Skirt

Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Pink - In The Starlight Pink Polka Dots & Pearls

As with the pink roses skirt, this skirt is now too loose for me! I'll definitely have to send it for alteration sometime.

And... Yup, that's all the pink skirts I have! o_O For the sheer number of skirts I have (at last count was about 33 of them, including the stuff on its way to me in the mail) I have surprisingly few of the same colour and style in one skirt. Which is a good thing I guess....? XD;


Monday, 5 December 2011

Lucky Pack: Innocent World Halloween Set 2011

The 2nd lucky pack I bought this year was also from Innocent World - at such a great prices for a whole set, I just couldn't resist!

By the time I spotted the LP page, there wasn't much left - only pink! But as I said before, since I was looking to expand my pink closet, I didn't mind at all :D Here's what arrived!

1) Lupus JSK in Brown, Long version
I was absolutely ecstatic to receive this! I was already eyeing this JSK on the IW website (albeit in the Bordeaux version) so to get it in an LP was exciting for me :D I'm a little worried about the skirt length because I don't have a proper petticoat for it - time to make a new one I guess,

2) Dusty pink chiffon blouse with matching camisole, size L.
Ahh this blouse is just so pretty! Love the camisole as well - so comfy :D

3. Black flower headbow.
Simple and easy to use for everyday and casual wear!

4. Pearl & Ribbon barette
Super cute! Love the pearls XD

5. Socks! Can't have too many of them :D

Overall, I got all the common items that I see alot of people receiving as well, but I'm pretty happy with what I got!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Lucky Pack: Innocent World Summer 2011

Despite having bought and received several lucky packs this year, I don't think I've actually posted any of them!

I'll start off with my first ever LP :) It was also the first thing I'd ever bought from any brand. I was really nervous because I've never dropped so much money on one item in my life (I'd taken the JPY52,500 LP) but a friend of mine assured me that Innocent World would give me my money's worth and plenty more satisfaction with my purchase.

And so I (impatiently) waited for my parcel to arrive - and was ecstatic when it did!

Now, since I'm posting about the LP now, I'll admit my opinions of some of the items have changed very much. I'll highlight the changes for each item :)

1. First up are the trousers.
They're really tiny ^^;;; Especially considering that I have very wide hips... Haha well let's just say I'm considering giving them to my 5 year old nephew!

2. These are the socks I got.
Same pattern but different colours. I'm really happy with the colours I got, as beige is a colour I use pretty often and dusty pink is one area of my closet that I've been meaning to expand!

3. Selene Blouse in Pink, Size L.
When I first pulled this out, my first thought was "YESSS something in dusty pink!". Then I was worried - what if I couldn't fit? But then I tried it on and realised that there wasn't anything to worry about :) It was really comfortable, and still looks very cute! But I've recently gone down to a size M for IW blouses, so I hope it still looks ok on me...

4. Cream short-sleeved blouse.
I'm not sure what size it is, since even the small tag with washing instructions doesn't have a size stated, but when I first received it, I was horribly disappointed. It didn't fit me at all, with the armholes too tight and the bust area having a 5cm gap - I couldn't even try to squeeze it closed!

But last week, I tried on the blouse again - and it actually fits now! It's still rather snug around the bust area and armholes, but since I'm actually not done with my diet, I figured I'd just wait till my measurements go down a bit more :) Now I'm super excited about this blouse!

5. Black & Cream Bolero
As with the short sleeved blouse, I was also disappointed with this bolero when it first came as I couldn't fit it. However, I now do, so I'm 100% excited about wearing this! Again, it's a little snug around the bust area, but I'm willing to wait to be able to wear this pretty :) I'm so glad I didn't give the blouse and bolero to my mum like I originally planned to!

6. Ribbon Pintuck Skirt in Black, Long Version.
Was absolutely ecstatic to receive this! I'd seen that others had receive the Aphrodite skirt, which I hadn't particularly wanted, so pulling this out made me really happy! It didn't hurt that I'd been meaning to get a plain black skirt from IW for a really long time as well :) It used to be really tight, but I've been using this skirt as a weight-loss indicator and it's now a really comfy fit :)

7. Pearl Beads JSK in Sugar Blue, Short Version.
Now, before receiving this LP, I actually really hated having any sort of blue clothing in my lolita wardrobe, seeing as how everything tended to look a little too sweet or too bright. However, this JSK really blew me away with how soft and pretty it looks - and with pearls too! It had converted me into a blue-loving person :)

Later on, I saw that some others had received the same JSK in black, and while I do feel a pang of regret that I didn't get that (I love kuro lolita and Gothic lolita!), I'm still very happy with this blue one - after all, it did open more doors to my lolita wardrobe, and I think the blue Pearl Beads looks much more delicate than the black version :)

8. Pearl Beads Headbow in Sugar Blue
To match the Pearl Beads JSK! It's in a style that I really like as well :) Not too big, not many frills, and sits a little to the side of the head :)

9. Aphrodite JSK in Pink, Long Version.
I'll admit that I was hoping so much for the Flora JSK that others had been receiving, but I was also pleasantly surprised by this piece. And the best part is - it did fit me! The JSK version also looks much cuter than the skirt version, and the fabric turns it into a really nice casual piece, so I'm very much looking forward to creating a coordinate with this :)

10. Pompadour JSK Long Version. Not sure what colourway it is. NOT the bustle back version.
Everyone seemed to be getting one of these, and I'd already decided early on that if I received this, I would sell it off. I had too much of a love/hate relationship with it (inclining more towards hate as time went on) to actually try wearing it! I mentioned it to a friend, who just happened to want the JSK as well, so when I got it, I sold it to her. I wasn't sure of the worth of the JSK in the LP, so I just sold it to her at half of the original webshop price. She seems way happier with it than I ever will be, and that in turn makes me really happy as well! :D

So that's it - 11 items including socks, headbows and stuff I didn't really like. Considering I really loved more than half the items right off the bat, and learned to love an additional 1 items later on, plus making my friend happy with the Pompadour JSK - this LP was a huge success for me ^_^ I was hooked on buying LPs hahaha.

I ended up buying the IW Halloween Set as well, and 2 of the the Meta Autumn LPs. Will post about that next! I also pre-ordered the IW JPY52,500 Christmas/New Year Happy Pack 2011, but it'll only be released in early January, and I can't wait already! They promised a full coordinate will be possible with the contents of the pack, and they have photos of bags in the sample picture... XD *squees!*

My biggest regret so far is not buying the IW Oddments LP.... I would've loved that one so much!

Goodnight :) And thanks for reading!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Mannequin Snap: Blue, Cream & Brown Outfit

Hmmmm it's been a while since I posted this photo on my Flickr, and I seem to have completely forgotten about posting this on my blog!

I had this outfit on my mannequin for a really long time because I really like blue and brown together :) Such a sweet combination!

I was really excited about this outfit because this dress is one of my first brand pieces of clothing! It came with my first Innocent World lucky pack :) (Oooooh Lucky Pack posts - I need to start writing those as well!)

I really like pale blue and dark brown together, but everything looks black in this pic.... :/

Picture quality is awful coz it's an iPhone pic ^^;;; My camera was with my parents in Australia at the time.

Outfit Breakdown:
JSK: Innocent World
Blouse: Bodyline
Jabot: Innocent World
Shoes: Secret Shop
Bag: Midofi
Kachuusha: Innocent World
Parasol: Baby the Stars Shine Bright