Friday, 2 December 2011

Lucky Pack: Innocent World Summer 2011

Despite having bought and received several lucky packs this year, I don't think I've actually posted any of them!

I'll start off with my first ever LP :) It was also the first thing I'd ever bought from any brand. I was really nervous because I've never dropped so much money on one item in my life (I'd taken the JPY52,500 LP) but a friend of mine assured me that Innocent World would give me my money's worth and plenty more satisfaction with my purchase.

And so I (impatiently) waited for my parcel to arrive - and was ecstatic when it did!

Now, since I'm posting about the LP now, I'll admit my opinions of some of the items have changed very much. I'll highlight the changes for each item :)

1. First up are the trousers.
They're really tiny ^^;;; Especially considering that I have very wide hips... Haha well let's just say I'm considering giving them to my 5 year old nephew!

2. These are the socks I got.
Same pattern but different colours. I'm really happy with the colours I got, as beige is a colour I use pretty often and dusty pink is one area of my closet that I've been meaning to expand!

3. Selene Blouse in Pink, Size L.
When I first pulled this out, my first thought was "YESSS something in dusty pink!". Then I was worried - what if I couldn't fit? But then I tried it on and realised that there wasn't anything to worry about :) It was really comfortable, and still looks very cute! But I've recently gone down to a size M for IW blouses, so I hope it still looks ok on me...

4. Cream short-sleeved blouse.
I'm not sure what size it is, since even the small tag with washing instructions doesn't have a size stated, but when I first received it, I was horribly disappointed. It didn't fit me at all, with the armholes too tight and the bust area having a 5cm gap - I couldn't even try to squeeze it closed!

But last week, I tried on the blouse again - and it actually fits now! It's still rather snug around the bust area and armholes, but since I'm actually not done with my diet, I figured I'd just wait till my measurements go down a bit more :) Now I'm super excited about this blouse!

5. Black & Cream Bolero
As with the short sleeved blouse, I was also disappointed with this bolero when it first came as I couldn't fit it. However, I now do, so I'm 100% excited about wearing this! Again, it's a little snug around the bust area, but I'm willing to wait to be able to wear this pretty :) I'm so glad I didn't give the blouse and bolero to my mum like I originally planned to!

6. Ribbon Pintuck Skirt in Black, Long Version.
Was absolutely ecstatic to receive this! I'd seen that others had receive the Aphrodite skirt, which I hadn't particularly wanted, so pulling this out made me really happy! It didn't hurt that I'd been meaning to get a plain black skirt from IW for a really long time as well :) It used to be really tight, but I've been using this skirt as a weight-loss indicator and it's now a really comfy fit :)

7. Pearl Beads JSK in Sugar Blue, Short Version.
Now, before receiving this LP, I actually really hated having any sort of blue clothing in my lolita wardrobe, seeing as how everything tended to look a little too sweet or too bright. However, this JSK really blew me away with how soft and pretty it looks - and with pearls too! It had converted me into a blue-loving person :)

Later on, I saw that some others had received the same JSK in black, and while I do feel a pang of regret that I didn't get that (I love kuro lolita and Gothic lolita!), I'm still very happy with this blue one - after all, it did open more doors to my lolita wardrobe, and I think the blue Pearl Beads looks much more delicate than the black version :)

8. Pearl Beads Headbow in Sugar Blue
To match the Pearl Beads JSK! It's in a style that I really like as well :) Not too big, not many frills, and sits a little to the side of the head :)

9. Aphrodite JSK in Pink, Long Version.
I'll admit that I was hoping so much for the Flora JSK that others had been receiving, but I was also pleasantly surprised by this piece. And the best part is - it did fit me! The JSK version also looks much cuter than the skirt version, and the fabric turns it into a really nice casual piece, so I'm very much looking forward to creating a coordinate with this :)

10. Pompadour JSK Long Version. Not sure what colourway it is. NOT the bustle back version.
Everyone seemed to be getting one of these, and I'd already decided early on that if I received this, I would sell it off. I had too much of a love/hate relationship with it (inclining more towards hate as time went on) to actually try wearing it! I mentioned it to a friend, who just happened to want the JSK as well, so when I got it, I sold it to her. I wasn't sure of the worth of the JSK in the LP, so I just sold it to her at half of the original webshop price. She seems way happier with it than I ever will be, and that in turn makes me really happy as well! :D

So that's it - 11 items including socks, headbows and stuff I didn't really like. Considering I really loved more than half the items right off the bat, and learned to love an additional 1 items later on, plus making my friend happy with the Pompadour JSK - this LP was a huge success for me ^_^ I was hooked on buying LPs hahaha.

I ended up buying the IW Halloween Set as well, and 2 of the the Meta Autumn LPs. Will post about that next! I also pre-ordered the IW JPY52,500 Christmas/New Year Happy Pack 2011, but it'll only be released in early January, and I can't wait already! They promised a full coordinate will be possible with the contents of the pack, and they have photos of bags in the sample picture... XD *squees!*

My biggest regret so far is not buying the IW Oddments LP.... I would've loved that one so much!

Goodnight :) And thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...


Do want sell your : Innocent World Pompadour ?

if yes you can contact me :

Best regards

Anonymous said...


Do want sell your : Innocent World Pompadour ?

if yes you can contact me :

Best regards

Priscilla said...

Hi! I'm sorry, as I mentioned in my post, I have already sold the dress 2 years ago to my Lolita friend. But thank you for your interest anyway!