Thursday, 22 December 2011

Closet Count! Skirts - Greens

I've always liked green - it was my favourite colour as a kid, and is still one of my favourite colours as an adult.

Many floral skirts incorporate green (via the leaves) but I've wanted all-green skirts for quite a while now. So when my lolita tastes started moving back towards green, the first thing I did was order a few of Bodyline's sweet prints in green!

These are the only three green skirts I have at the moment, but I'm hoping to expand this more in future.

1) Bodyline Stripe Balloon Bear
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Green - Bodyline Stripe Balloon Bear

I didn't fall in love with this skirt the moment I saw it. In fact, I actually really hated the OP! It wasn't till I saw a really detailed review about this skirt that I saw all the really amazingly cute details that made me fall in love. :D

2) Bodyline Military Desserts Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Green - Bodyline Military Desserts

I love military-style skirts, especially in black, but the black colourway looked too busy. I love this in green though~

3) Bodyline Sugar Waffle Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Green - Bodyline Sugar Waffle

Like the Stripe Balloon Bear skirt, I hated this on first sight, but after seeing someone in this skirt, I fell in love with it! I guess my main issue was that the black colourway looked too busy to me. Doesn't help that I've been craving for sugar waffles too! :P

I think the proper name for this print is Maple Sugar Waffles, but I like the sound of Sugar Waffles better ^^;

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