Monday, 26 March 2012

Lucky Pack: Metamorphose 2012 Winter LP

I was supposed to write about my Innocent World 2012 Oddments Lucky Pack B, but I thought I'd better get my earlier LPs out of the way first ^^;;

This post is about my Metamorphose 2012 Winter LP! Bit of a funny story about this LP - the announcement went up on the day I was flying to Cambridge for Christmas, and was set to be open for orders while I was in the air. I was really worried I'd miss this LP, so the moment I arrived at my brother's flat, the first thing I did was place an order hahaha!

When the LP finally arrived a few weeks later - I was surprised to see that they'd sent only one LP instead of the two I'd ordered! So I sent them an email with a scan of the letter that came with the LP (it stated there was only one LP in it) and proof that I'd paid for two. Luckily, there were no issues at all, and they shipped the second LP to me free of charge! ^_^ Yay!

Here's what I got!

First LP:

I was excited to see the black & silver duffel bag - means I got something in black!
Metamorphose 2012 Winter Lucky Pack

When I opened the bag, the first thing I saw was - YESSSSS gray plaid JSK! XD XD XD
Metamorphose 2012 Winter Lucky Pack

Aside from the bows already attached to the JSKs in the above photo, these extra bows were also included.
Metamorphose 2012 Winter Lucky Pack

This blouse... fits really oddly on me -___-"" It's perfect at the bust, really loose at the waist, and super tight around the arms ^^;;; I'm going to see if moving the buttons around the armholes would make it fit better - otherwise, I'll just sell the blouse.
Metamorphose 2012 Winter Lucky Pack

The obligatory bloomers! Love these bloomers - so comfy!
Metamorphose 2012 Winter Lucky Pack

There was a necklace included in the LP, but I've kind of lost track of it ^^;;; It's definitely somewhere in my jewellery cupboard, but it's just a matter of untangling everything and determining which tiny pendant is Meta's hahaha.

The LP also came with two pairs of OTK socks! With the first LP, I got the two black ones on the left. The two off-white/cream ones on the right are from the second LP.
Metamorphose 2012 Winter Lucky Pack

I got the other LP-only bag with my 2nd LP! It's the brown and gold version.
Metamorphose 2012 Winter Lucky Pack

I saw someone on EGL get this awesome brown plaid JSK - and was shrieking with delight when I opened my bag and saw it in there!!!
Metamorphose 2012 Winter Lucky Pack

The matching extra bows that came with the JSK.
Metamorphose 2012 Winter Lucky Pack

I was also very happy with the blouse! I've been looking to buy a wine red or bordeaux long-sleeved blouse for quite a while, so this was perfect! I was a little weirded out be the raschel lace, but I think it actually looks fine since it's in a dark colour. Now, if I'd received this blouse in white, then I might have had an issue with it! As it is, the lace on this blouse is actually surprisingly soft.
Metamorphose 2012 Winter Lucky Pack

Again, the obligatory bloomers <3 I'm growing a really nice collection of brand bloomers through these LPs!
Metamorphose 2012 Winter Lucky Pack

This headbow came with the second LP and is super cute, but I'm having trouble figuring out the best hairstyle to wear with this! I really like the idea of putting my hair up into panda buns with this headbow, but it might look a little young for my style ^^;
Metamorphose 2012 Winter Lucky Pack

Aaaaaaand that's it! Up next should be my BTSSB Schoolgirl JSK LP XD; And after that, I will write my super-long post on my IW 2012 Oddments LP! 8D

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mannequin Snap: Warm Spring Outfit - Take 2

I was staring at my brand accessories-that-came-with-some-stuff pile and had a sudden epiphany on how to adjust my Warm Spring outfit a little more!

Mannequin Snap: Warm Spring Take 2

I added a brown neck-ribbon to the blouse to give the outfit a bit more cohesiveness. With some brown on the blouse, it now doesn't look too much like two plain pieces thrown together (though it is, in fact, the truth hahaha) and more focus is brought to the neckline area, which I had thought too plain before.

I also added a pair of socks, simply because the colours matched the outfit perfectly XD;

Mannequin Snap: Warm Spring Take 2

One of the corsages in the previous outfit wasn't quite the right shade of brown for this outfit, so I took it out and replaced it with two other corsages that match this outfit better.

What do you think? I really like how this outfit turned out after the new changes!

(Oh, I changed the photo area for this outfit to right in front of my closet. My sister had pointed out to me that part of the reason why the previous outfit looked a little bland was because it was right in front of my wall, which is a more striking shade of green, which kind of washed out the rest of the outfit.)

Blouse: Bodyline
JSK: Metamorphose
Neck Ribbon: Innocent World
Socks: Metamorphose
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag: Camellia (Offbrand)
Hat: Accessorize
Corsages: Surface Spell
Necklace: Offbrand (handmade by my jeweller)

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Outfit Snap: Non-Loli Coordinate for IW's Flora JSK

Wore out my new Innocent World Flora JSK today! Completely non-loli coordinate, but I'm super excited about wearing this dress :D It's so comfy and pretty!!

Non-Loli Coordinate for IW's Flora JSK

I decided to make it really grown-up looking by putting my hair in a bun and wearing pearl earrings. Nude shades for shoes and bag because I don't think I have shoes in the right shade of pink for this dress.

Since I was worried I'd be a little cold in the mall, I packed along my Stripe Chiffon Rose stole :)

I really like wearing this JSK like this - it makes for a very feminine and sweet casual outfit, and brings some lolita into my daily life without being a full-blown in-your-face coordinate ^^;

Dress: Innocent World
Shoes: Vincci+
Bag: Chanel
Necklace: Top Shop

Monday, 19 March 2012

Mannequin Snap: Warm Spring Outfit

I was playing around with the idea of wearing spring colours in a warm outfit and couldn't shake off the idea of a green and brown combination.

Just so happens, I've been dying to use my new matching green blouse & shoes from Bodyline, and thought that my new JSK from the Meta 2012 Winter LP would be perfect for the outfit in mind!

Mannequin Snap: Warm Spring

I used white accessories to lighten the outfit a little, and to tie in the pearl necklace.

Mannequin Snap: Warm Spring

I'm not so sure I quite like this outfit, but it turned out looking exactly like I imagined it, so I don't really know what's wrong XD;;;

I can't decide on the type of socks - plain white, or white with some brown patterns?

Blouse: Bodyline
JSK: Metamorphose
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag: Offbrand
Necklace: From my jeweller
Beret: Accessorize
Corsages: Surface Spell and Offbrand

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mannequin Snap: Casual Sweet Roses

This outfit was up on my mannequin for quite a while, and I thought I'd just take a quick snap before changing the outfit.

Mannequin Snap: Casual Sweet Roses

It's looking a little deflated at the bottom, but the petticoat's been squished a few times. I kinda like the idea of wearing this sort of casual outfit out, but I don't really like how sweet loli looks on me hahaha.

There's a pair of matching bright pink shoes, but I can't dig them out from where I've hidden them lol.

The necklace is something I recently dug out from a really old jewellery box :) I think I've had this necklace since I was about 10 years old haha :)

Cutsew: Bodyline
Skirt: Bodyline
Bag: Bodyline
Beret: Accessorize
Corsages: Surface Spell
Necklace: Offbrand

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Rambles: Going Crazy!

Gyahhhh I'm going nuts waiting for my Innocent World Oddments Lucky Pack (Type B) to arrive!!! It's currently awaiting presentation to the customs officer, and I hope it won't take too long... :/

Waiting for my invoice was a pain.... Waiting for my tracking number was a pain.... Now waiting for it to arrive is also a pain XD

I cannot wait! I was so upset when I missed last year's Oddments LP hahaha~

(Hmm but I still have yet to post about my Meta 2012 LPs, and my IW New Year 2012 LP... Better do it soon before I forget which item belongs to which LP!)