Sunday, 30 September 2012

Innocent World Rottenburg Skirt in Black

Hahaha I'm getting mixed up between what I've posted on Tumblr and what I've posted here, so I decided to make sure everything's caught up on both blogs and start posting entries at the same time so I won't be so confused anymore!

Soooo.... here's today's entry! It's Innocent World's new print, Rottenburg :)

Innocent World Rottenburg Skirt

I usually prefer JSKs as they are easy to wear and just throw a cardigan or blazer on top for office-friendly outfits, but I really don't look good in double-breasted stuff, so I had to make do with this skirt!

It's really pretty and I was surprised at how popular the print is - the skirt is sold out on the website, and the black JSK is sold out too. I'm really glad I didn't decide to wait for it to be released on the website ^_^""

Now, if only I can come up with a coordinate for this skirt that isn't entirely black and white... ^_^""

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Innocent World Charles Crown JSK in Forest Green

I've only just received this JSK on Thursday night!

Innocent World Charles Crown JSK in Forest Green

SO HAPPY! The first time IW released this dress, I couldn’t decide on which colourway I wanted, and it ended up being sold out before I managed to buy anything ^^;;

Now they’ve re-released it, so I immediately snagged it in Forest Green! It’s absolutely gorgeous *___* It’s also made of a much lighter fabric than I expected (I kind of thought it would suit a jacquard sort of fabric), but that just means it’s more wearable in our hot tropical weather, so hooray! :D

Here's a closer look at the details, which are far prettier in real life than in the stock photos:

Innocent World Charles Crown JSK in Forest Green

So excited to wear this!! But turns out I have less ideas for outfits than I thought I had hahaha.

Have to work more on creating gorgeous outfits for this dress XD It's too bad I only received it on Thursday - if I had more time to create the perfect OTT coordinate (with colours other than cream hahaha), I would be wearing it for the loli meet-up later today!

Alright, gotta go get ready~!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Outfit Snap: IW Bertille Rose JSK in non-loli coordinate

I was having dinner with my parents and a bunch of their friends to celebrate one couple's wedding anniversary as well as my mum's birthday. My mum usually likes it when I dress up, so I took out Bertille Rose for a quick casual coordinate since she also finds this dress really pretty.

Outfit Snap: IW Bertille Rose JSK in non-loli coordinate

I wanted to wear another IW bolero with this JSK (and they looked really good together too!) but it looked a little fitted on me, so I switched to this really cute offbrand bolero.

My mum colour matched the bag for me :D I think it's one of LV's runway collections from 2011.

Also, I finally found the flaws that made this JSK "B" grade! One of the buttons on the strap is rather loosely sewn on, and the fabric around the area looks pretty stressed. Also, part of the zipper is coming off from the dress, so I'll have to fix those up (the bolero covered the busted zipper, so I still wore it today ^^;;;)

Don't mind the covered up face - I'm having a cold, so I pretty much look like a cross between a zombie and Rudolph and I thought I ought to spare your eyes XD;

Btw, note to self: do not wear brand loli items when sick and prone to throwing up D: I spent half the dinner worrying I'd throw up and get some sick on my dress!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lady Sloth Mists of Venice Skirt

After two months of waiting, I finally received my Lady Sloth order! I had three items in the parcel, and today I'm going to showcase her new skirt, Mists of Venice.

It actually wasn’t quite up for sale when I put in the order, but I did send an email to ask if I could order it and Lady Sloth kindly said yes!

Lady Sloth Mists of Venice Skirt

Soooo pretty and the fabric is absolutely gorgeous! It's a rather silky material that feels absolutely gorgeous against the skin. It's also fully lined with what feels like thin polyester.

Lady Sloth Mists of Venice Skirt

I was quite surprised to see the pink lace with this skirt, but after closely inspecting the fabric, I find that the colour actually does suit the skirt very well! There are hints of pink in the sky of the print that’s visible in real life (though not so much in photos) that really comes out prettily with the pink lace.

Still, I will probably change the lace to something cream or gray or black, or even just take off the lace altogether and wear different underskirts depending on the look I’m going for.

I received this skirt with Winter Cemetery and Garden of Delight, so I'll post those up sometime too. I actually have alot of photos to post, but I keep forgetting to post them on Blogspot ^^;;

Some upcoming things I really ought to blog about:
Lady Sloth Winter Cemetery JSK
Lady Sloth Garden of Delight Skirt & Headbow
Lady Sloth Clock Print JSK
Lady Sloth Landscape JSK
Innocent World January 2012 Oddments Lucky Pack
Innocent World 2012 New Year Lucky Pack
Innocent World Summer 2012 Oddments Lucky Pack
Innocent World Rottenburg Skirt
Juliette et Justine Le Monde de L'ange skirt
... and a whole bunch more stuff ^^;;;

Haha, looks like I have much more to write about than I originally thought! I'll try to write more often then :)


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Metamorphose Dim Light JSK (Short Version) - Green

Received my Dim Light JSK today!!!

Metamorphose Dim Light Pinafore Dress (Mini Length)

Meta had actually promised me they'd change my reservation for the Mini length to the Medium length for me, but they ended up sending me the Mini length anyway. But I'm actually pretty happy about it because after thinking about it for the past few days, I actually prefer the shorter version!

Here's a closer photo of the gorgeous print:

Metamorphose Dim Light Pinafore Dress (Mini Length)

And here are the ribbon combs that match the series! I've put my iPhone in the photo for size comparison :D

Metamorphose Dim Light Ribbon Combs

Squeee so excited to wear this!! I would wear it for the loli meet on the 29th, but we made a pact that each of us would wear OTT of one style. I happen to be the only one with enough stuff for OTT Gothic (no idea how that happened since I just realised I have barely any black stuff in my wardrobe!) so that's what I'm wearing XD

Hmmm what to pair this JSK with.... Other than white, I wanted to pair my IW Millefeuille bolero (wine colourway) with this JSK, but now it seems the bolero might be a tad too dark. I might pair this with yellow, considering that the 'light gold' parts of the print actually look like pale yellow.


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Outfit Snap: Innocent World Antique Book JSK - with cream & black

Innocent World Antique Book JSK - with cream & black

Today’s coordinate :) I was wearing JSK for my sister’s birthday celebration dinner with a few friends of the family, and thought I’d just pop on a quick loli coordinate.

The bolero and JSK isn’t a great match (the lace is a little too bright for the JSK) but I hope I offset that with offwhite OTKs! I would’ve been happier with some offwhite flowers in my hair, but I’d forgotten about them ^^;

JSK, Headbow: Innocent World’s Antique Book JSK in Black
Bolero, Bag: Innocent World
OTKS: Metamorphose
Shoes: Bodyline
Earrings, Parasol: Offbrand

Note to self: this JSK & bolero combo is really REALLY warm. Do not wear out in the summer sun! >_<”