Thursday, 20 May 2010

I'm Alive~~~

O_O It's been forever since I last posted!! >___<""" Sorry!!!

Anyway, just a quick update on what's been going on XD

1) Was busy with a conference, which explains my disappearance over February and March. April and half of May were purely the result of extreme laziness :P

2) Had a kimono meet-up. Just three of us girls walking around KLCC :)

3) My brother came home for Easter.... Then got stuck here because of the volcanic ash situation LOL. That was one hell of a week for us...

4) Went to Melaka and Johor for a working visit, then stopped by Singapore for the heck of it. Visited Black Alice but didn't buy anything. Bought lots and lots of yarn for my sister from Spotlight.

5) My sister and I were discussing a yarn cafe. Lots of interesting ideas! XD

6) Finally managed to go to a lolita meet-up!!!! :) *happiness* About 16 to 18 of us girls all dressed up!! XD

7) Watched West Side Story. Waste of time and money. Will be posting a review on my kimono blog soon-ish.

That's all the interesting stuff I can remember XD I don't have much of a life to actually blog about lol.

I'm be posting about that meet-up next! Took me forever to upload all the photos hahaha. Toodles!