Sunday, 17 July 2011

Cream Classic Lolita - Featuring Half-Bonnet by Ophanim!

I ordered a custom half-bonnet from Ophanim last year, and received it sometime in March (the delay in shipment was specially requested to avoid the Chinese New Year rush). I finally had the time to try it out properly today!

Since it's summer, I thought I'd wear it with a summery-looking classic outfit. I wish I had some cream crochet-ed gloves to complete this outfit!!

Cream Classic Lolita

Cream Classic Lolita

Cream Classic Lolita

Outfit Breakdown:
Blouse: Dear Celine
Skirt: Bodyline
Bonnet: Ophanim
Bag: Lace Story
Parasol: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Socks: Fan plus Friend
Shoes: Bodyline
Jewellery: offbrand

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Off-white, Beige & Brown Sweet-Classic Lolita Outfit

I'd just received a new Bodyline dress a couple of days ago and couldn't wait to coordinate it!

Full outfit:
OffWhite, Beige & Brown Classic Lolita

Upclose of Neckline:
OffWhite, Beige & Brown Classic Lolita

OffWhite, Beige & Brown Classic Lolita

OffWhite, Beige & Brown Classic Lolita

Unicorn RingHorse Cameo Ring

I wish there were more brown in the outfit, or that the brown was a lighter, softer shade. The bag and shoes were darker than I remembered, so I tried to pull in the browns using a pair of brown brooches pinned to the dress and a brown cameo ring. Sadly, they were just about the only brown accessories that I could find in my room haha! I have a parasol in creams and browns that would've matched perfectly... if I could find it ^^;

I chose a flower headdress with a couple of beige brooches pinned to it because, well, I love round headdresses ^^; I also added the cameo ring, cameo brooch and necklace to try to give the outfit a more classic feel.

I'm not sure how to classify this outfit. I kind of call it sweet-classic, but somehow it also feels like it has a little of old-school elements thrown in.

I think that if I were to wear this dress + blouse out, I'd probably trade the knee-high socks for lacy cream tights, and change the shoes and bag to a more classic-looking cream set of bag, shoes & parasol. I'd also take away the brown brooches and replace the headdress with my cream half-bonnet.

On my new dress: I was quite surprised to find that it looks so much cuter in person than it does in the shop photos - and it looks cute enough on the website as it is! Now that it's on the mannequin, I can see that there are one too many bows on the dress for my liking, and the corset lacing in front is a little too much for my tastes, so I might end up removing the ribbon and snipping off a few of the bows along the hem :)

Outfit Breakdown:

Onepiece: Bodyline
Blouse: Bodyline
Socks: Fan plus Friend
Shoes: Secret Shop
Bag: Midofi (I think)
Head dress: Offbrand
Rose brooches: All from Surface Spell
Cameo Brooch & Rings: TopShop
Necklace: Offbrand