Friday, 6 July 2012

Preview: Sales Post!

I have finally decided to clear out my loli closet!

I have far too much stuff that I really like but never wear, so I thought I'd sell them to people who would give them more love than I ever would :)

It's a massive post that has been in-progress for the past 2 weeks. I've edited so many drafts of the post that I'll be really glad once it's posted! I've also prepared packaging and shipping items already! Nearly everything is done - all that remains is to take the measurements of some of the blouses :) While I'm at it, I might weigh every item as well, so that it'd be easy to estimate shipping costs if I have to reply to a buyer while I'm out of the house...

I'm hoping to post it within the next week or two. I would really love to finish the post by this weekend, but I'll be very busy with my sister's wedding on Saturday and won't be able to reply to any buyers till Monday, and I'd rather not leave people hanging ^^;;

Anyway! There will be over 50 items in my sales post, most of which would be under $100. I've even included sample coordinates with items from my post (hopefully to entice people into buying more items hahaha).

I'll sign off here, with some sample photos of what is to come in my sales post :) Enjoy!

Loli Sale - Metamorphose Citron Soda OP Set

Loli Sale - Sample Set - Going for a Walk Set

Loli Sale - Sample Set - Strawberry Cream Set

Loli Sale - Sample Set - PinkxMint Casual Set

Loli Sale - Sample Set - Pink Gingham Strawberry Set