Monday, 11 June 2012

Juliette et Justine's Amour d'amants robe

I've been eyeing this Juliette et Justine print since the first time it was released. I was all set to buy it 2nd hand (was actually hunting for it, too!) when I suddenly spotted that there was still stock for it on the website.

I immediately placed an order - voila! Here it is, on my doorstep less than a week later! WOOHOO!

Juliette et Justine's Amour d'amants robe

The dress is truly gorgeous!! It doesn't really show in photos, but the fabric is made of raw silk (or something that looks like raw silk), and the texture really gives the dress an additional depth!

I can't wait to wear it at the next official loli meet up! What to coordinate it with, I wonder... Man, now I regret not buying the Innocent World Millefeuille bolero in bordeaux and chocolate when they were still in stock XD;;;;;

Btw funny story - I was so excited to open the parcel that when using the scissors to cut open the plastic, I stabbed myself in the arm XD;;;;;

Monday, 4 June 2012

Loli-Inspired Coord: Brown & Coral

On Saturday morning, I had a bit of extra time while waiting to leave the house for a facial, so I went a little wild with my outfit coordinaton ^^;;;

Loli-Inspired Coord: Brown & Coral

I wanted to wear this IW skirt (Versailles Rose in Chocolate) because it's just too cute, but I wasn't really sure what colour to coordinate with it. I just jumped on the first cardigan I saw that looked good with the skirt haha. I really like this colour combination - looks really bright! The flowers on the skirt also echo the coral of the cardigan.

I'm also wearing a half-wig today :)

I had actually completely forgotten that it was International Lolita Day on Saturday! Such a nice coincidence that I happened to choose a loli-inspired outfit for it :)

After the amazingly hectic work schedule I had this past month, it was really nice to spend a day for myself - facial, lunch with a friend, shopping, a massage, then dinner with my family <3.

Outfit Rundown:Wig, headband, cardigan: offbrand
Skirt: Innocent World
Bag: Hermes
Shoes: Vincci +

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Mannequin Snap: Casual Blue Perfume

I've been dreaming of this coordinate since I got this skirt! Sure, it's with a different pair of shoes and a different bag from what I'd originally intended, but I think it still looks pretty good :)

I had planned to use a pair of Secret Shop navy blue shoes, but the order didn't go through, so I'm stuck without a proper pair of shoes for this outfit :/ So I tossed in a pair of pink ones instead to match the pinks in the skirt and socks!

Mannequin Snap: Casual Blue Perfume

I finally found the necklace that came with one of my previous Meta LPs! I'm using here with the super cute cutsew I'd received in another Meta LP ^_^

Mannequin Snap: Casual Blue Perfume

Outfit Rundown:
Cutsew & necklace: Metamorphose
Skirt, Headbow, Socks: Bodyline
Bag: Lace Story
Shoes: Secret Shop