Monday, 7 November 2011

2 Outfits - Sweet-Classic & Sweet Bodyline Lolita

Been feeling like dressing up in something sweet-ish lately, but didn't feel much like straying too far from my usual classic style. I have a few sweet pieces from Bodyline and In The Starlight that I'd bought before I realised I prefer wearing classic style, so I took out a couple of them for a mini-dress up session.

First outfit:
Black & White Sweet-Classic Lolita

Not too happy with the bag with these shoes. I'd prefer an all-black bag, but I don't have one that works with this outfit, so I used the white one instead.

Second Outfit:
Blue & Pink Sweet Lolita

I tried experimenting with my wig, but I didn't use enough pins, so by the time I took this picture, it was already drooping and less fluffy. I'd prefer a stronger pink for the shoes and headbow.

Everything except the tights, wig and pink headbow are from Bodyline :) Petticoats: One from In The Starlight, and one offbrand.