Sunday, 30 September 2012

Innocent World Rottenburg Skirt in Black

Hahaha I'm getting mixed up between what I've posted on Tumblr and what I've posted here, so I decided to make sure everything's caught up on both blogs and start posting entries at the same time so I won't be so confused anymore!

Soooo.... here's today's entry! It's Innocent World's new print, Rottenburg :)

Innocent World Rottenburg Skirt

I usually prefer JSKs as they are easy to wear and just throw a cardigan or blazer on top for office-friendly outfits, but I really don't look good in double-breasted stuff, so I had to make do with this skirt!

It's really pretty and I was surprised at how popular the print is - the skirt is sold out on the website, and the black JSK is sold out too. I'm really glad I didn't decide to wait for it to be released on the website ^_^""

Now, if only I can come up with a coordinate for this skirt that isn't entirely black and white... ^_^""

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Audronasha The Countess said...

Oh, the print is gorgeous :D I would want one to :) Lovely.