Thursday, 4 October 2012

Lolita Meet-up @ TWG Pavilion

Had a meet-up with a couple of friends on Saturday! The theme was OTT and I was supposed to wear OTT Gothic, but my tummy has been very tender since I fell sick. When I tried on the bonnet and corset that morning, I nearly threw up, so I had to come up with a last-minute emergency coordination.

Luckily, I’d just received this JSK (Innocent World's Antique Rose Tiered JSK) a couple of days ago and was already playing around with a coordinate for it!

Innocent World Antique Rose Tiered JSK in Gray

We met up at Tokyo Street, Pavilion before heading downstairs for lunch at TWG Teas. We were absolutely baffled by the tea menu - so many choices! I already knew my favourite blend (Grand Wedding, which is Earl Grey with additional fruitiness and a hint of floral) but poor Iris and JL had a tough time deciding on a tea!

We finally asked for recommendations from one of the waiters, but I'm afraid we forgot to take notes of which teas we ordered ^^;;; I distinctly remember Iris ordering Charlemagne tea, which had the most amazing aroma, but JL's first pot of tea has slipped my mind ^^;;

While waiting for the food, we browsed through some of my Sakizou artbooks and chatted for a bit. The food arrived surprisingly fast!

Here's the spread:

Lolita Meet-up @ TWG Pavilion

Yum! And here's some of us having lunch:

Lolita Meet-up @ TWG Pavilion

Lolita Meet-up @ TWG Pavilion

Lolita Meet-up @ TWG Pavilion

Haha don't mind the derpy face! I'd just taken a bite of egg!

In case you're wondering about the food - JL and I were having their brunch set menu, which included a pot of tea, a glass of juice, a main course, a bread dish, and a dessert.

I had the Gourmet menu: scrambled eggs with truffle oil and prawn salad, with toasted brioche, orange juice, and a strawberry tart.

JL had the Summer menu: a vegetable quiche with salad, scones, apple juice and I think a praline.

Iris had a plate of beef stew, but we all shared our desserts and JL shared her scones so everyone had more than enough to eat!

After polishing off our delicious meal, we started exchanging showpieces that JL and I brought! I had promised to show her Grazia Crown and Charles Crown, and she had very kindly helped me buy Stained Glass Rose and a heart bag from Baby when she was in Japan a few weeks ago.

Of course, all this was accompanied by lots of chatter about random things from brand lucky packs to odd dreams we've had before XD;

After finishing our second pots of tea (Bain de Rose for JL, and Midsummer Night for me. Yes, I did order it solely for its name and its similarity to Shakespeare
s works and the AatP print! XD;), we decided to vacate the table to allow other patrons of the cafe to enjoy their food.

We stopped by Shu Uemura for JL to pick up something, then spent some time at a nearby department store just browsing stuff and looking for loli-able items. We managed to get one of the department store staff to take a group photo of us!

Lolita Meet-up @ TWG Pavilion

Of course, right after snapping photos, they were all asking their turn to take photos with us! ^^;;

Actually, we did get quite alot of photo requests that day... There was a bunch of moms who were very keen on taking photos of us with their young kids (toddlers, really!), and a couple of groups of tourists who were so enthusiastic I had a hard time saying no to them. Sorry, Iris and JL, for always saying yes, but it's so hard to say no when they have that sparkle in their eyes and seem genuinely happy to see us all dolled up!

Lots of people asked where we were from - they were always very surprised to find out we are locals! They seemed to think that we were tourists too ^^;;;

Of course, there was the obligatory laughter, but people like that generally aren't worth paying much attention to :)

(On a side note, my colleagues couldn't believe the girl in the photos was me ^^; They said it didn't look like me at all! Then again, I never make an effort to look nice for the office, so maybe that's why hahaha)

Now! Outfit snaps!

Lolita Meet-up @ TWG Pavilion

Iris is wearing Bodyline's teddy bear print! It looks so good on her! She was really really cute, and I think she made her own jewellery :) I'm also really loving the wig - very thick and quite natural-looking! By the way, her favourite theme is teddy bears :) She was really a hit with the kids!

Lolita Meet-up @ TWG Pavilion

I'm pretty sure we actually managed to get a solo photo of JL somewhere, but maybe I'm remembering wrong XD;;; Anyway! JL and I had been discussing outfits before the day of the meet-up and though I had to disappoint her by not wearing my intended outfit, she did wear her planned outfit!

Isn't it gorgeous? *__* I adore that JSK, and when paired with that bonnet, it just blows my mind! I really love her added red roses in the bonnet - they look so good together, and brings more cohesiveness between her headpiece and the rest of her outfit!

Lolita Meet-up @ TWG Pavilion

And now for mine:

The grays of my outfit don't really match, but at that point in time, I actually didn't care so much haha. I just wanted to wear a comfortable pair of shoes, and I wanted to use this particular bag and dress together (both my mum and I thought they were a great colour match, especially when you include the bracelet I wore), and they were all in shades of gray, so they got thrown together haha.

I really wanted to wear the Elizabeth bolero with this JSK, but my sister told me this one (Millefeuille Lace) looked better, so I went with this one instead. Besides, the sleeves on the Elizabeth bolero were a little uncomfortable anyway ^_^”” Luckily, my friends were very understanding about my not wearing fully OTT!

On a side note, I was very surprised to find out that this JSK actually has no zipper, but the back is fully shirred, so it was very easy to get into the dress. Looking back at the photos, I think I didn't have enough poof for the skirt ^^;; Oh well, I'll need to remember that this petticoat needs a companion to keep my skirt fluffy!

I styled my own hair that day (woke up extra early to do it too!), but by the time this photo was taken it was mostly all over the place hahaha.

My make up was giving me lots of problems because my eyes were really watery that morning and my eyeliner and mascara kept smearing D: I had to re-do my make up a few times and it took me over an hour to make it passable! I was also trying out a new colour for my eyeshadow (gray and silver) to match the JSK, but I'm not sure if I like the colour directly on my skin!

Jewellery were chosen at random because pearls always look nice in classic loli hahaha.

Outfit Breakdown:
Innocent World Antique Rose Tiered JSK in Gray x Cafe Au Lait
Bolero: Innocent World Millefeuille Bolero
Tights, Necklace, Rings, Hair Accessories: Offbrand
Earrings, Bag: Chanel
Bracelet: Hermes
Shoes: Clarks

Saturday was really fun! ^___^ Been far too long since we’ve had a loli meet-up, and it was really nice to meet someone new too!

Thanks, girls, for the lovely day out and for cheering me up when I was sick! Let's meet up again soon! :D

(Yikes, just realized how long-winded I was in this post! Hahahaha)


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