Friday, 16 November 2012

Lolita Closet

Hello peeps!

I'm just home from the UK! I was there for a little over 2 weeks for a nice long holiday, and had a really relaxing break in Cambridge (where I mostly became a couch potato in my brother's flat and spent the whole time buying and reading books ahaha).

Highlights of the trip were:

  1. Went to see Distant Worlds: London THE CELEBRATION. It was awesome!
  2. Found a really gorgeous bookstore with many interesting antique books to add to my collection! Will definitely be my favourite haunt in Cambridge!
  3. Finally managed to buy a pair of bordeaux Mary Janes for my classic lolita wardrobe that's also suitable to wear with officewear! They're from LK Bennet :)

That said, I was putting away some freshly laundered dresses into my loli closet and just decided to snap a random photo:

Lolita Closet

(This cupboard is actually in my brother's room here. I appropriated it for my use since he's not here most of the time hahaha)

My lolita closet is getting pretty full! This is all dresses, skirts, boleros, blouses and cutsews that are from lolita labels only. (And yes, that does include Bodyline, Infanta, R-series, etc) Except for a very select few pieces, maybe two or three each of cutsews, boleros and skirts, this closet doesn't include my mainstream loli-able stuff :)

Hmmm now that I think about it, there actually may a few Innocent World items that I use in my dailywear so often it's migrated to my dailywear closet instead hahaha.

(Bags, shoes, socks and other accessories are kept in a separate area too)

There actually is an order to this mess:

Top row:
OPs, from light colours to dark colours
JSKs, from black to green to blue to beige to pink to brown to red.
Skirts, form black to brown to blue

Bottom row:
Boleros & cardigans, from light colours to dark colours
Cutsews & blouses, from light colours to dark colours
Skirts, random colours to red to pink. There's white and beige somewhere in there, but I think it ot mixed up somewhere in "random colours"

Need to stop shopping! XD

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