Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lady Sloth Mists of Venice Skirt

After two months of waiting, I finally received my Lady Sloth order! I had three items in the parcel, and today I'm going to showcase her new skirt, Mists of Venice.

It actually wasn’t quite up for sale when I put in the order, but I did send an email to ask if I could order it and Lady Sloth kindly said yes!

Lady Sloth Mists of Venice Skirt

Soooo pretty and the fabric is absolutely gorgeous! It's a rather silky material that feels absolutely gorgeous against the skin. It's also fully lined with what feels like thin polyester.

Lady Sloth Mists of Venice Skirt

I was quite surprised to see the pink lace with this skirt, but after closely inspecting the fabric, I find that the colour actually does suit the skirt very well! There are hints of pink in the sky of the print that’s visible in real life (though not so much in photos) that really comes out prettily with the pink lace.

Still, I will probably change the lace to something cream or gray or black, or even just take off the lace altogether and wear different underskirts depending on the look I’m going for.

I received this skirt with Winter Cemetery and Garden of Delight, so I'll post those up sometime too. I actually have alot of photos to post, but I keep forgetting to post them on Blogspot ^^;;

Some upcoming things I really ought to blog about:
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... and a whole bunch more stuff ^^;;;

Haha, looks like I have much more to write about than I originally thought! I'll try to write more often then :)


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