Friday, 28 September 2012

Outfit Snap: IW Bertille Rose JSK in non-loli coordinate

I was having dinner with my parents and a bunch of their friends to celebrate one couple's wedding anniversary as well as my mum's birthday. My mum usually likes it when I dress up, so I took out Bertille Rose for a quick casual coordinate since she also finds this dress really pretty.

Outfit Snap: IW Bertille Rose JSK in non-loli coordinate

I wanted to wear another IW bolero with this JSK (and they looked really good together too!) but it looked a little fitted on me, so I switched to this really cute offbrand bolero.

My mum colour matched the bag for me :D I think it's one of LV's runway collections from 2011.

Also, I finally found the flaws that made this JSK "B" grade! One of the buttons on the strap is rather loosely sewn on, and the fabric around the area looks pretty stressed. Also, part of the zipper is coming off from the dress, so I'll have to fix those up (the bolero covered the busted zipper, so I still wore it today ^^;;;)

Don't mind the covered up face - I'm having a cold, so I pretty much look like a cross between a zombie and Rudolph and I thought I ought to spare your eyes XD;

Btw, note to self: do not wear brand loli items when sick and prone to throwing up D: I spent half the dinner worrying I'd throw up and get some sick on my dress!

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