Thursday, 20 September 2012

Metamorphose Dim Light JSK (Short Version) - Green

Received my Dim Light JSK today!!!

Metamorphose Dim Light Pinafore Dress (Mini Length)

Meta had actually promised me they'd change my reservation for the Mini length to the Medium length for me, but they ended up sending me the Mini length anyway. But I'm actually pretty happy about it because after thinking about it for the past few days, I actually prefer the shorter version!

Here's a closer photo of the gorgeous print:

Metamorphose Dim Light Pinafore Dress (Mini Length)

And here are the ribbon combs that match the series! I've put my iPhone in the photo for size comparison :D

Metamorphose Dim Light Ribbon Combs

Squeee so excited to wear this!! I would wear it for the loli meet on the 29th, but we made a pact that each of us would wear OTT of one style. I happen to be the only one with enough stuff for OTT Gothic (no idea how that happened since I just realised I have barely any black stuff in my wardrobe!) so that's what I'm wearing XD

Hmmm what to pair this JSK with.... Other than white, I wanted to pair my IW Millefeuille bolero (wine colourway) with this JSK, but now it seems the bolero might be a tad too dark. I might pair this with yellow, considering that the 'light gold' parts of the print actually look like pale yellow.


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Kate said...

Wow this dress is truly beyond beautiful! Great photos too. I really desperately want it it in navy blue but it's hard to find. I checked closet child, mbok, yahoo japan, and egl luck! V__V;