Monday, 19 December 2011

Closet Count! Skirts - Patterned Blacks

Whew, I have more black skirts than I originally thought! Actually, I'm still looking to buy a plain black high-waisted skirt, but the only one I like from Bodyline is already sold out in both M and 2L (I can fit both, but 2L will be a little loose) so I'll just have to hunt down something else.

I'll start off with my favourite!

1) In The Starlight Lace-Patterned Black & Ivory Skirt.
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Black - In the Starlight Lace Print

I absolutely LOVE this skirt! The lace print is so pretty!! The skirt is also simple enough that I can wear it as everyday wear and won't get double takes. It's now too loose for me though, so I have to go get it altered soon.

2) In The Starlight Gray Roses Print Black Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Black - In the Starlight Rose Print

I love this skirt for the roses print :D I have another skirt in the same fabric, but in blue and in an A-line cut! This skirt is also great for wearing out with "normal" clothes. I once wore it with a mandarin collar top for Chinese New Year and got many compliments.

3) Bodyline Floral Cameo Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Black - Bodyline Floral Cameo Skirt

I saw this in a store once before I bought this skirt and realised the material wasn't too bad a quality. I really like the pink and blue versions as well, but they felt a little sweet for me at the time. At any rate, I'm pretty glad I bought the black version because it looks quite classic :D It actually came with more black ribbons on the skirt, but I found them a little busy-looking, so I snipped them off.

4) Bodyline Floral High-Waist Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Black - Bodyline Floral High Waist Skirt

LOVE this skirt SO MUCH! I'd been looking for this 2nd hand for so long, and when it started being sold again on their website - I was ecstatic! My only worry is that my waist is now borderlining the minimum for this size - how do I alter it if it becomes too big for me?

5) Offbrand Black x White Skirt
Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Black - iSocks Skirt

This is the first ever lolita skirt I ever bought! It was waaaay back before I understood many of the rules of lolita ^^;;;; The construction and material quality is not bad (actually pretty good for an offbrand skirt!), but it was definitely over priced - and so short!! When wearing it on my hips, it still comes up above my knees... :/ It wasn't so short on the shopkeeper, but then again I'm about more than a foot taller than she is...

And.... Yup, that's it for all my patterned black skirts! Next up should be my blue skirts :D

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