Thursday, 8 December 2011

Closet Count! Skirts - Pink

I recently decided to do a complete closet count of all my loli clothes, and started off with the skirts.

Now, I have alot of lolita skirts - more so than I originally thought I did! And since I kind of want them to stretch out the number of posts I can do (ahahaha XD;;;) I'm posting them colour by colour rather than all in one big post.

Today's post is about my pink skirts!

1) Bodyline Pink Bunny Gingham skirt.

Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Pink - Bodyline Bunny GIngham

I... have absolutely no idea when or why I bought this skirt XD;;; I think I intended to sell this skirt a few months ago when I went off sweet for a while, but looking at it now... It's really cute ^^;;;;

2) In The Starlight Pink Roses Skirt

Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Pink - In The Starlight Pink Roses

When I ordered this skirt, I accidentally put my waist measurement half an inch too large. Now it's really hanging off my waist, because my current waist measurements are about 2" smaller than when I first ordered the skirt :/

I'll definitely be sending this for alterations once I get to my ideal waist size, because this skirt is too cute! Pink, A-line AND roses? This screams me all over it!

3) In The Starlight Pink Pearls Skirt

Lolita Closet Count! Skirts: Pink - In The Starlight Pink Polka Dots & Pearls

As with the pink roses skirt, this skirt is now too loose for me! I'll definitely have to send it for alteration sometime.

And... Yup, that's all the pink skirts I have! o_O For the sheer number of skirts I have (at last count was about 33 of them, including the stuff on its way to me in the mail) I have surprisingly few of the same colour and style in one skirt. Which is a good thing I guess....? XD;


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