Monday, 17 June 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Question #7

Why do I wear Lolita?

I just wear it because it looks pretty to me ^^;;

The women in my family are all pretty feminine - we like sewing, baking, craftwork, dressing up, lace, fresh flowers, flirty skirts, elegant teapots... (okay, maybe that last one is just me hahaha). But anyway, the women in my extended family (on my mother's side) are all the type to appreciate frills like lolita. I've worn somewhat toned-down Classic lolita around them before and while the men laughed themselves silly, the aunties and cousins all loved it.

I've had my mum and a couple of cousins admit to me that if they'd discovered the fashion when they were younger, they'd probably have worn it too!

That said, being brought up around this sort of thing, Lolita fashion just seems to be a natural extension to things I already like. As it is, my work clothes and daily clothes are already frilly and feminine, so just adding a petticoat doesn't seem to be too big a step!

I'm also a pretty straightforward girl - if I like it, I'll get it or eat it or wear it or whatever "it" is meant to be used for ^^;

It seems like a rather boring reason to wear lolita but hey, when did we ever need a reason to wear pretty clothes we like, right? ^_^

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