Sunday, 9 June 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Question #3

"What my own Lolita lifestyle is like"

Between my job and my personal life, I actually don't really set aside any time specifically for Lolita. I usually spend about half an hour everyday browsing through some of my favourite Tumblrs and blogs and occasionally check out some shops when I get notification of updates. Then there are times when I remember to take photos and update my blog and Tumblr... I think I do spend alot of my online Lolita time webshopping though hahaha.

Casual Outfit for Lunch and Shopping

I do wear my lolita clothes out at least twice a month in casual non-lolita outfits, and on weekends and some weekdays when I get home early from work, I take the time to go through my wardrobe and put together outfits that I might wear for the next meet up six months down the line, or something for my mannequins.

Mannequin Snap: Grazia Crown

In terms of sneaking lolita into my everyday life, there are a few things in my handbag that brighten up and lolify my stuff: my planner is from Baby The Stars Shine Bright, my phone cover is Cath Kidston, the pen that's always with me is pink and has Swarovski crystals in them, my office hair accessories are usually flower corsages or loli-able ribbons, all my office notepaper are flowery or cute.... Small stuff ^^;

Aaaand... apart from the occasional meet-up and regular chats with some friends on Lolita related stuff, that's about it, really ^^; Lolita isn't a major part of my life except for the clothes that I wear - and for me, that's perfect :)

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