Thursday, 21 January 2010

Lolita Meme~

I saw this lolita meme in a few blogs and decided to do it too ^_^ It feels like ages since I last did one!


What colours can be found in your Lolita closet?
Mostly black and white, but it's sprinkled with a few pink, blue, red and brown items.

What is your favourite colour with Lolita?
Green and pink has always been my favourite colour combination! But I also like black and white very much.

What is your least favourite colour in Lolita?
Brightly coloured things. I really hate bright shades of purple with black.

Which uncommon colour do you want to try out?
Purple! Pastelly shades, darker shades: I really love purple and would LOVE to have it in my lolita closet!


Are you more a Onepiece, Jumperskirt or a Skirt person?
Well, I haven't tried on a one-piece before, and I haven't got a jsk that's not ita and fits, so I just wear skirts. I do think I look nicer in skirts, but I also like how some jsks look.

Which cut do you like the best?
I like all of them! A-line, bell-shaped, pleated.. They all look so cute to me :3 But if I really had to pick one... I think A-line is my favourite.

Print or no Print?
I like no prints, but there are some prints, like classic floral, stripes, chandeliers and wrought-iron gates, that really catch my eye!

How does a dress/skirt have to look like that it will be a "must have" item for you?
Elegant prints, colours or cuts really do it for me. I like simple, un-OTT things with a clean cut and a few ruffles, but little lace. Of course sometimes I go completely nuts over sweet styles!


What is your favourite style in Lolita?
Classic, aristocrat and (not OTT) sweet, in that order.

Which style do you wear regularly?
I haven't worn lolita enough to have a regular style :P But looking at my loli-closet, it looks like it'll probably be a cross between sweet and classic.

Which style you want to try out?
I'd like to try aristocrat and gothic lolita! I think both look sooo elegant... I do have a couple of items that could work in both styles, but I don't have anything else that would make the outfit look those styles.

Which style you never want to try out/wear again?
Wa Lolita. I wear kimono (proper kimono!! Not the kimono version of ita) and I just can't stand how wa-lolita looks. I love the simple straight lines of kimono, and seeing it with poofy skirts and lacy petticoats just turns me off. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind a proper kimono made in a lolita print! XD Or maybe a proper kimono/obi/hakama/etc accented with lace.


Brands yes or no and why?
I'm currently saving for my first brand clothing! :D I bought a pair of Btssb hair-ties when I visited their Paris shop, but I want clothes. I fell in love with just about everything ^^;; They all look so pretty, and the quality of the cloth felt different - better! - in my hands. Their socks are also waaaaay better than my $12 Bodyline ones. Not to diss my Bodyline socks - they're comfy and great for casual outfits :D I've recently discovered that I actually can fit into some of Innocent World's clothes, so I'm going to buy a skirt/blouse set when I have enough money!

Which brand is your favourite?
Innocent World, Mary Magdalene, Btssb and Victorian Maiden, in no particular order.

Which is your least favourite brand?
Eh, maybe h.Naoto. They aren't bad, and they do have some nice things, but I'm not too fond of the punk-loli look.

Ever had a good/bad experience with brand?
Mmm, well in Paris, I couldn't speak French, so I spoke to them in very soft, hesitant Japanese ^^;; I think I embarrassed myself, but at least I got the info that I wanted! They were very nice and pleasant, and the lolita attending the cash register was soooo cute! :D The only bad experience was that I couldn't fit alot of things! ;_;

Will this experience encourage/stop you from buying brand?
It doesn't stop me, but it doesn't really encourage me either. I like them, but I can't fit most of them, so for now, I'm content to just sit and watch and save money for whenever they come up with something I like and fit.


Did you ever got surprised by a piece of Lolita?
I was really surprised that the Bodyline shoes I got fit perfectly and were really comfortable! In fact, I was so happy that a few days later, I ordered a few more items from them...

Did you ever got disappointed by a piece of Lolita?
I bought a bolero from Bodyline that said it could fit my bust size. Unfortunately, my arms are a little too big for the sleeves, and it looks really ugly on me! ;_;

In the same order, I also bought a "separate" from Bodyline. It's under one of those not-to-buy-it's-ita categories, and did look as bad as they say. Buuut.. it really does fit very nicely. I've made a few adjustments to the shirt, and it looks great! Once I took off the cheap-looking bits, or hid them with better ribbon, it looked very pretty. I haven't modified the JSK yet, but I'm currently thinking of a way to do it. Maybe this disappointment can be saved!

Things that you like about Lolita?
I once wrote a long list of why I like lolita, but the basic summary is this: it's versatile, it lets me escape into my own little world as far as I can, and it gives me such a thrill to be dressed so prettily. I'll have to make a post about it someday! :)

Things that you dislike on Lolita?
I dislike the cattiness on some online forums. I dislike how some people try to push their views of lolita onto you. I also dislike the attention I get from wearing it, as well as the weird looks, mocking laughter, rude comments and all, but I'll put up with it if it means that I get to go out with lolita friends! (Not that I have anyone I can meet up with at the moment...)

Do you have a Lolita fashion idol, if 'yes' who is it?
Uhhh.. as odd as it sounds, I don't have an idol ^^;

Does Lolita affect your every day life?
Yes! I'm always looking out for things to buy online, or pretty pictures and information I could use. When not at the com, I'm daydreaming of clothes I'd like to have, or coordinates to put together. Sometimes I sketch out clothes that I'd like to make once I learn how to sew properly. When I'm out, I try to navigate my way to fabric shops, and other jewellery shops to find for things I can use with lolita. Then of course, I flip through my books and magazines to stare at all the pretty pictures and to find "inspiration"... And, of course, I'm always trying to sneak lolita pieces into my everyday wardrobe :P So far the easiest are shoes and jewellery. I put them on to make my day feel extra special, or to cheer myself up on a bad day!

Do you buy Lolita related things, like cute looking furniture?
Not very often. Mostly bags and accessories. Lolita-esque furniture would've fit right in with my old room, but in its current decor theme, it'd just look plain silly. But I do look out for cute things, in case I ever suddenly get a house and need to decorate, or something XD

Do you read/buy the Gothic Lolita Bible?
Yep! I only have 2 copies, but I'm looking to get more the next time I go to Kinokuniya. I'm a bookworm, so it's actually really shocking that I only have two copies of the GLB!

How to you describe your fashion style to others that don´t know about Lolita?
Eh, I dunno... I haven't exactly had someone ask me before ^^;; My family just said that as long as I like it, and will make use of it, I'm free to wear whatever I want (and not in their presence in public :P)

Is there something you want to say to your fellow Lolitas?
Um.... Hi? ^^; Keep on going, girls! (and guys :D) You're all wonderful inspirations to me :) I hope I'll be able to learn lots from you!

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