Monday, 18 January 2010


I spent the weekend reading Lolita Secrets and EGL whenever I wasn't in class. After reading so many snipes about brand vs non-brand, I decided to visit some of the brand websites.

Now, I'm always a regular visitor on the brand websites, but I only go there to look at the clothes. I never thought of buying brand, simply because they were too expensive, and Japanese sizes are far too small for me.

But this time, I went to Innocent World and looked at the measurements for each item I liked. Lo and behold! for a number of things, I can actually fit the larger sizes! I was so excited about fitting brand that I started looking up everything that could fit me. And suddenly, that JPY20,000 price tag doesn't look so unreasonable...

I had to force myself to close all the windows and go to sleep.

But now I really really really want to buy a brand item. I'm considering buying that gorgeous skirt from Innocent World in their webshop, but I think I'll wait till I can go down to Singapore and have a look at Black Alice's stock.

I really want to get my first brand clothing!

P/S: Fear not! I doubt I will ever turn elitist. I love my ITS things to ever ditch them for brand :D

P/P/S: The only reason why I'm contemplating buying brand is that some of their designs are just so cute, and replicas aren't easily found. That, and I'm curious :P

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