Saturday, 2 January 2010

Dark Roses Lolita Outfit

I recently received a huge parcel from In The Starlight bearing one skirt, two overskirts, a shirt and a petticoat. Unfortunately, I was rather busy, so I didn't have time to try on anything till yesterday, when I had a few free hours to myself.

Here is the first outfit I put together! I'm quite happy with how it turned out ^_^
Dark Roses Lolita Outfit

Showing the poof of the skirt. It does look almost exactly as it did in the pictures, but somehow, I think it can go a little poofier. I blame the petticoat!
Dark Roses Lolita Outfit

The back. HERE is where I think the petticoat can do better!
Dark Roses Lolita Outfit

The overskirt is a little loose, but that's my fault - I gave them a slightly larger measurement than I actually needed, since my waistline fluctuates around an inch every few days.

What do you think? I heard that although black and white is very commonly seen, it isn't something that should be tackled by beginners since it's very high-contrast (highlights all the bad parts) and hard to do properly. But I think it looks decent.... Right? XD

Anyway, there's another outfit that I tried out, but I'll save that for another post some other time ^_^


Outfit Statistics:
Blouse: iSocks (local offbrand)
Skirt: In The Starlight
Overskirt: In the Starlight
Kachuusha: In The Starlight
Petticoat: iSocks (local offbrand)
Stockings: Boots
Shoes: iSocks (local offbrand)
Bag: iSocks (local offbrand)

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