Saturday, 27 April 2013

Outfit Snap: Lolita Meet-Up! Mori-Classic-Country Lolita Outfit

I finally had a chance to go to another lolita meet-up today!

I really wanted to wear a print, but for some reason my new scarf and blouse just kept floating about in my mind, and all other outfits I put together seemed to look awful during my outfit test-run. So I wore something plain-ish instead :D

Lolita Meet-Up! Mori-Classic-Country Lolita

The idea was to match the outfit to the scarf, and I just happened to have bought a new lacy green blouse that matched the leaves really well. Innocent World's Eleonore JSK also looked really good with the blouse, and the dark brown ribbon on the dress was to highlight the dark colours on the shawl. Since some of the birds have pink on them, I decided to accessorize with a hint of pink too.

I spent most of my time wrapped up in the shawl like the photo above, but here's a photo of the details under the shawl:

Lolita Meet-Up! Mori-Classic-Country Lolita

I had a facial earlier in the morning, so I packed all my things into this cute luggage that matches the outfit and theme! I think it looks really cute together!

The meet-up was really fun! JL couldn't make it in the end, but I got to see Aiko and Iris again :D I also met many new friends, and I can't wait to go out with them again in lolita! There weren't many of us in classic lolita (at the time when I left, there were four of us, out of a total of 16-17 girls!) but everyone looked gorgeous anyway ^_^

I did end up leaving one of the earliest (we had only played one game at that time!) but at least we managed to get group shots ^^;;; I forgot my camera at home and my phone's camera doesn't work half the time, so I'm afraid I don't have any photos... Will definitely have to pull a few from Facebook later! XD

Alright, heading out for dinner. Thanks for reading!

Blouse: Miss Selfridge
JSK: Innocent World - Eleonore
Hair combs (the green ribbons): Metamorphose
Scarf: Warehouse
Bag: Calvin Klein
Earrings, Jewellery, Beret, Pink Hair Bow, Luggage, Tights, Shoes: Offbrand

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