Saturday, 20 April 2013

Mannequin Snap: Black & Pearls Classic Lolita

I went shopping at a wholesaler’s mall today, and came home with loads of stuff! One of my purchases was a new mannequin, and I just had to dress her up right away!

Black & Pearls Classic Lolita

Black & Pearls Classic Lolita

Black & Pearls Classic Lolita

The cutsew is also new, purchased at the mall for RM15 (USD5). The pearls were just calling to me! I couldn’t help but come up with a pearl-themed outfit. And the cutsew matches the skirt so well!

I couldn't decide on a pair of socks for the outfit, so I went with one of my new pairs of tights, which has some pretty words printed on it. I think it'll probably be hidden by the skirt once I put the outfit on, but it still sounds like a nice romantic idea :)

I think my favourite part about this outfit is that it sticks to my favourite "three must-haves" in any outfit, yet still looks relatively subdued. Though, I suppose it still does look rather extravagant for a casual outfit hahaha. (In case you're wondering, the three must-haves are lace, roses and pearls ^_^)

Headbow, Skirt: Innocent World
Shoes: Clarks
Pearl Bag: Coast
Cutsew, Necklace, Ring, Tights: Offbrand
Cream lace shawl: Hand-crocheted by my sister


Aina Noire said...

So lucky that you got a new mannequin... I've always wanted one but have no room for it. I also really like the outfit that you put together. It's beautiful :3

Priscilla said...

Thanks! I actually don't have enough room for a mannequin either, so it's usually just squished in a corner of my room ^^;;