Sunday, 14 April 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge: Question #2

"5 movies for lolitas"

1. Kamikaze Girls
2. Alice in Wonderland, 2010
3. Princess Diaries
4. Pride and Prejudice
5. Harry Potter

Alice in Wonderland is in my list for the eye candy XD

Actually, the main reason why numbers 2 to 4 are ranked as they are is that the main message I take away from them is strength of character - most notably from the female leads, of course.

Pride and Prejudice is also a movie I find particularly meaningful, as it doesn't just deal with Lizzie's intelligence and wit, but also her flaws and how she comes to recognize those flaws by the end of the movie. Of course, Pride and Prejudice (book, movie and TV series) has always been my favourite, so maybe I'm just biased!

Um, Harry Potter is in there because I couldn't think of a suitable fifth movie ^^;;

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