Sunday, 3 June 2012

Mannequin Snap: Casual Blue Perfume

I've been dreaming of this coordinate since I got this skirt! Sure, it's with a different pair of shoes and a different bag from what I'd originally intended, but I think it still looks pretty good :)

I had planned to use a pair of Secret Shop navy blue shoes, but the order didn't go through, so I'm stuck without a proper pair of shoes for this outfit :/ So I tossed in a pair of pink ones instead to match the pinks in the skirt and socks!

Mannequin Snap: Casual Blue Perfume

I finally found the necklace that came with one of my previous Meta LPs! I'm using here with the super cute cutsew I'd received in another Meta LP ^_^

Mannequin Snap: Casual Blue Perfume

Outfit Rundown:
Cutsew & necklace: Metamorphose
Skirt, Headbow, Socks: Bodyline
Bag: Lace Story
Shoes: Secret Shop


mysli said...

Oh, I love you Coordinations!
And I'd so definitely wear this one. It looks pretty and Lolita-like without being too much - I can perfectly see it being worn for going out and eating ice cream with ones friends.
(And hadn't you said anything about the shoes, I would've thought you had intended from the start to match the shoes to the pink in the print!)

Priscilla said...

Hee thanks! :)