Sunday, 5 June 2011

Wine Red & Cream Summer Lolita Mannequin Display

I had some free time on my hands today, so I decided to dress up my mannequin again!

Wine Red & Cream Summer Lolita Outfit

This time, she's wearing a bordeaux/wine red blouse from Dear Celine and a cream/beige & bordeaux skirt from Bodyline. I figured that since it was a short-sleeved shirt, I ought to make it look more summery looking than the colour scheme, which is admittedly a tad dark for this season. Maybe something to wear in late August/early September?

I've accessorized it with a random hat I got in Ho Chi Minh, and some flowers to tie in the colours. The outfit is matched with red shoes to tie in the red somewhere else other than the blouse, and I tossed in a parasol to give the outfit a lighter feel.

I wanted to add pearls somewhere, but the neckline is busy enough with the blouse's necktie things, and it was a little hard to put the bracelet somewhere noticeable.

No bag because I couldn't decide on one. I will most likely add a bag once I change the hat - this one doesn't feel particularly loli to me, so I'll have to whip up a white ribbon for my boater hat and pair it with my white-ish basket bag.

Blouse: Dear Celine
Skirt: Bodyline
Hat: ... Made in Vietnam?
Roses: Surface Spell, I think.
Shoes: Bodyline
Parasol: Btssb


Anonymous said...

I like the hat. I think the colours go well with the outfit (well, I have trouble judging the cream/white because of the lighting, so it looks like it kinda matches...)

Priscilla said...

Thanks! ^_^ The skirt is actually more of a beige than cream, but the ribbons and lace used are cream, which matches the hat and the parasol :) The big beige flower on the hat matches the skirt.