Sunday, 26 June 2011

EGL Mannequin Display

I always dress my mannequin in sweet or classic styles of lolita, and thought it was about time I went for something different.

Here she is in something a little more gothic.


(Please don't mind the poor picture quality! I had to use my phone's camera because my mum's travelling and needed the camera as well)

I wanted a more gothic style, so I put her in a black skirt and cream high-neck blouse. I added a bustier on top of it to create a cleaner, more EGL-like silhouette. The skirt itself has embroidered roses and crosses on it, and I reflected that in my necklace, which has (duh) roses and crosses.

To add a slightly more gothic feel, I topped it off with a round headpiece with roses and a veil. It's kind of a poor quality headpiece, but I had a severe lack of options when it comes to headpieces with veils... My original thought was to use my black bonnet, but it looks really ugly when perched on the mannequin.... If I ever wear this outfit out, I'll definitely pair it with the bonnet, though!

I used my bat bag from Bodyline to continue with the gothic-inspired trend and a pair of all-black shoes for the colour scheme. The parasol I put there is cream because I don't have a black parasol... Shame about that. I haven't decided on what leggings, but they'll most probably be lacy black. Otherwise, they'll be lacy cream :)

I'm kind of proud of this outfit ^^; I've always liked EGL and this is only my 2nd time trying anything with a gothic element to it. It seems to be a little more old-school than I originally intended, but that's okay - I like old school lolita XD

Outfit Breakdown:
Blouse: Bodyline
Bustier: Rose Melody
Skirt: Rose Melody
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag: Bodyline
Necklace: ???? No idea. Just plucked off my jewellery collection.
Headpiece: Offbrand
Parasol: Baby

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