Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Black Bunny JSK

I've received a parcel and have done a little lolita-shopping over the past few weeks, so I've been quite eager to dress up. Only thing is: I don't have the finishing pieces for a few outfits, and I haven't had the time to dress up lately either, having just returned from a 4-day working trip to Jakarta.

I thought I'd post something anyway! :P Here's a picture of my first JSK! It was a birthday present from my mum last year, along with the bag I'm carrying. It was also my second lolita outfit ever.

Lolita Outfit #2

Lolita Outfit #2

I love my mum :) Even though she doesn't see the point in lolita, she's willing to put up with it if it makes me happy :D She spoils me, really. Not so obviously as my dad does, but she still indulges in alot of my demands ><"

Anyway, the dress doesn't actually fit all that well :/ It's perfectly fine at the waist, but the bust is a bit of a tight squeeze. Even in these pictures, it actually isn't zipped fully! I can zip it up fully, but it's a little hard to breathe in it. *motivation to lose weight!!!*

I do realise this outfit has alot of ita elements in it ^^;; The black and white bit, the less than puffy skirt (I was wearing a petticoat, just not a good one), the white shoes: just about everything seems to scream ita at me. But I was so happy just wearing lolita, and that's all that mattered ^^; I'm hoping I'll be able to do this JSK justice next time!

Speaking of the JSK, I believe it's a modified knock-off of one of Angelic Pretty's JSKs. I don't know if I'm 100% comfortable with wearing knock-offs (never ever ask if the Prada bag I'm carrying is "real" - here's looking at you, Mel! :P) but the price tag on this one justified it... I guess o_O This one is nowhere near as well-made as the original anyway! Ahahaha.

Outfit rundown:
Everything is from iSocks, my local offbrand lolita store. I think the petticoat I'm wearing was the flat tailor-made one.

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