Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Bodyline Review: Pink Gingham JSK+Blouse Set

Bodyline was having a Christmas offer where you get free shipping if you make a purchase worth above $100. I was very curious about Bodyline, and needed some shoes, so I thought "heck, why not?". I ended up buying three pairs of shoes (brown, pink and white) and two pairs of knee-high socks (one black, one white) ^^;;

I received them 2 business days later, and they were perfect! The correct size, very comfortable, very cute, and exactly as they looked in the pictures. I was so happy! XD

Christmas Eve was the last day of the offer, so I decided to buy a couple more pairs of loli shoes on the 23rd. I needed to make up the purchase total to $100, so I scoured the site for something to buy.

I noticed that they had this pink gingham with bunny applique JSK and blouse set in my size, so I bought it impulsively.

It wasn't till after I'd paid for it that I got really nervous - I've heard some awful reviews about Bodyline about wrong sizes and poor quality etc etc. So I waited and prayed it would turn out alright.

The parcel got shipped out on the 24th, and I just received it yesterday! (2 business days later) The shoes I received (one blue pair, one red pair. I'm addicted to shoes) were perfect for what I needed!

The JSK set was just simply wonderful. It fit really well, and is of far better quality than I expected! Most of the sewing is done quite well, and very evenly, but there are some areas of the blouse where the thread is fraying a little. The JSK straps were a little too long, but it wasn't until after I took off the outfit that I realised that the strap was actually adjustable lol.

Best part was when I realised that the pink shoes I bought earlier matched the pink of the outfit. Yay!

All in all, this was an excellent experience for me, and I don't regret it at all! I think I'll be buying more from Bodyline in the future ^_^

JSK: Bodyline
Blouse: Bodyline
Socks: Bodyline
Shoes: Bodyline
Petticoat: iSocks (local off-brand)
Hairband: Offbrand

Bodyline Verdict:
Quality: 9/10
Fit: 9/10
Service: N/A (didn't contact anyone there)

Will I use them again? Definitely!! ^___^

Oh and btw, please don't mind how rumpled I look! It was late at night, I was very tired, and I'd only just opened the parcel, so nothing was ironed at all =^_^=""

I hope you liked the outfit!

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