Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mannequin Snap: Mille Fleurs x Bebe Outfit

I recently purchased a Mille Fleurs Josette top and skirt set, as well as a bustier from Bebe that I thought would look really gorgeous with Lolita, and just had to pair them together!

I've been promising a friend photos of this outfit for months, and so I'm finally posting it!

Mille Fleurs x Bebe Outfit

Mille Fleurs x Bebe Outfit

Mille Fleurs x Bebe Outfit

It's taken me forever to decide on appropriate accessories for this outfit. I'm still not 100% satisfied (the flowers in the headdress are not as perfectly colour-matched as I'd like) but it's still serviceable :D

I'd wear this with lacy tights and lavender shoes, but I don't have lavender shoes so the outfit doesn't have shoes haha. Haven't quite decided on a bag yet... Suggestions?

Top, Skirt: Mille Fleurs
Bustier: Bebe
Round Headdress: Bodyline
Flowers: Forever 21
Necklace: Offbrand

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