Friday, 31 August 2012

Juliette et Justine La Robe du Chateau in Blue

Just yesterday, one of my pre-orders for a Juliette et Justine dress arrived (along with two necklaces I'd bought straight from the shop)!

I was so excited as it had arrived faster than I expected!

Juliette et Justine La Robe du Chateau - Blue

When getting ready for an Independence Day/sister's birthday lunch today, I couldn't decide on what to wear. Then I spotted this dress and knew that such a special piece would definitely be perfect for such a special occasion! :D

I didn't really feel like wearing full-on loli since we were going to eat at a fancy hotel, but the JSK is also a little too low cut for me to comfortably wear it without a blouse, so I came up with a loli-inspired outfit! Feels a bit like a cross between otome and otona style!

Non-Loli Coord for JetJ La Robe du Chateau in Blue

I paired it with pale pink to match the roses on the dress. The blouse is an office blouse made of chiffon - it's a little odd with the heavy raw silk sort of texture that the JetJ dress has, but I find the contrast quite interesting. I actually bought this blouse to use in my lolita coordinates, but it was so comfortable it moved to my office wardrobe permanently, and I kind of forgot about using it with my loli JSKs!

The shoes don’t really match, but they were the closest shade of pink I could find - the only other pair of matching shoes that I had were white and had killer heels!

Can’t see from the photo, but my hair is half-tied back with a really big pink bow that matches the chiffon blouse :D

Outfit Breakdown:
Juliette et Justine
Shoes: LK Bennett
Bag and Bracelet: Louis Vuitton
Blouse, Earrings, Headbow & Petticoat: Offbrand

I let my mum do the honours of opening the parcel for me since she hasn't been well and had to be sent to the hospital a couple of times this week and really needed something to distract her. I was very pleased that even she found the dress breath-taking as she usually dislikes lolita clothing immensely.

Well, that said, she actually dislikes sweet and gothic (I think it's too much of a step away from mainstream fashion) but 100% approves classic style - she's even said that if she had found this fashion when she was younger, she probably would've worn classic lolita! Makes me feel really proud since I wear classic most of the time :) I just have to be really careful not to wear sweet or gothic lolita when I know she's around ^^;

On a separate note, my Innocent World Oddments Lucky Pack was shipped out today!! Such a happy bit of news to hear after the past few days of worrying about my mum :) I can't wait to receive it!

Ta and goodnight~

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