Sunday, 21 November 2010

New Wig!

My godbrother got married yesterday, and I decided to try on one of my new wigs from TaoBao for the celebration dinner.

It turned out pretty well, I think! Only those who knew me well could tell it's a fake, mostly because my hair is usually a completely different colour and style, and the wig hair is thicker than my natural hair XD;

I'm really happy with it! ^__^ I can't wait to use it with lolita, because it really looks like it suits loli well :)


focusing the lens said...

Very cute wig, and very convincing! Does it hold up well to being worn over time? Or did it tangle up much?

Priscilla said...

Thanks! :) I only wore it for about 6 hours, but it seemed fine - this picture was taken just after I got home ^^ It looked pretty much the same as when I first put it on! It didn't tangle at all - but that may have been because I was almost obsessively curling them around my fingers ^^;