Wednesday, 14 July 2010

TaoBao Order!~

Quite a few months ago, I started browsing through TaoBao after drooling over so many dresses in Qutieland. I found out just how much cheaper it is to buy from other TaoBao shopping services compared to Qutieland, so when a friend of mine asked if I wanted to do a group order, I immediately took the opportunity to try it out!

This, sadly, isn't one a review post, but just a post to show what I've bought. The items are actually on their way to my friend's house already, but because of our schedules, we won't be able to meet up for another month.

So, while I'm waiting, I thought I might as well post about the stuff I bought!

Here goes:

1) Infanta Susan JSK. I bought this JSK and the matching hairband.

2) R-Series Antique Rosy JSK. I've been wanting this for so long that I didn't even think twice about ordering this ^^;

3) R-Series Lace Bolero. I bought the white one because it matches the Antique Rosy JSK. If this one fits well, I might buy the black version too! :)

4) I really really like this set! So much so that I bought the shirt in wine red and off-white and the skirt in wine red, off-white and white ^^ I figured that they'd be so easy to mix and match, and I can use the skirts as underskirts for short dresses. Also, I think I can pair the shirt with a pencil skirt for the office. Yay!

5) I really love this set! I actually wanted to order it with the blouse, but I was dumb and didn't read the entire thing, so I only get the corset and skirt ^^;;; But it's ok, I can order the blouse separately.

I really can't wait till they arrive! But since they aren't going to get here for a while yet, I've been rather tempted to buy a few more things on Bodyline... XP" We'll see if I can resist shopping for more lolita clothes for another month! Hahaha~

Toodles and take care~

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